FlexBot Projects

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Proposed Projects

Goal-Oriented Games

Deathmatch gets boring after a while. It's not a particularly sophisticated task. We'd like FlexBot to support more goal-oriented games, particularly ones which require some measure of teamwork to achieve. Some possibilities are :

  • Capture the Flag
    There are two variations of this game. First, the teams could fight over the sole flag on the map. The first team to return it to their base wins. Second, the teams could collect a number of flags on the map. Whichever team grabs the most flags wins.

  • Team King of the Hill
    The team that remains in a preset location for a given amount of time wins. The time resets if all team members are expelled from that location.

  • Attack-Defend
    One team attempts to destroy all the targets in the other team's homebase.

Non-violent FlexBot

For those of us who are reliving our adolescent teenage male years, Half-Life is just dandy. However, there are those who object to the inherent violence of this domain. To satisfy the naysayers, we'd like to construct a non-violent game in Half-Life. We don't have a good game in mind yet, but if someone can think of something, we'd like to hear it. 

Chatting Bots

Part of the experience of playing online is the stimulating conversation, of course. The joys of being told by complete strangers how much you "suck" and the witty expletive-filled ripostes are unmatched. Unfortunately, our bots are both deaf and mute at the moment. We'd like to put in the ability to parse incoming text messages as well as generate text responses. The latest Half-Life patch also has voice support, but we're not holding our breath for our bots to support that.

Resource Usage Test

We know FlexBot is efficient. The question is : how efficient? We'd like an accurate measure of the resource usage. WatchTower, a locally created Windows measurement tool, allows the user to measure a number of resources at high granularity. We'd like to use this tool to get a better notion of how many resources FlexBot consumes as a process.

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