FlexBot Team Members

Flexbot is mainly an undergraduate effort at Northwestern University. Moreover, the central team is small and tight-knit. Most design decisions are done by consensus and individual team members are free to work on whatever interests them to a large extent.

The three main team members (clockwise from top left in pict below) are :

Nick Trienens - Chief Engineer

Greg Dunham - Chief Architect

Sanjay Sood - Chief Bad Boy

There's also this fourth guy who's always hanging around making useless suggestions and giving out unwanted advice. Rumor has it he's a homeless graduate student who has been around the department too long. The developers keep trying to get rid of him, but somehow he keeps coming back for more abuse. Must be slow of mind, if you know what I mean. Someday soon, he'll might actually graduate and then maybe we could all get some work done.

Of course, all the FlexBot team members worship the entity known only as the Horswill, a mysterious and powerful coding being. When we please him, the Horswill manifests himself in avatar form, looking akin to Thor with long flowing blonde locks, carrying a PDA named Mjolnir, striking fear into the ones who Do Not Indent Properly.

FlexBot has also benefited from occasionally contractors who have contributed much to the ongoing evolution of FlexBot. Some of these fine souls are :

  • Dave Lillethun
    Worked on porting FlexBot to Quake II

  • Brad Jorsch
    Porting FlexBot to Linux

  • Muon Van

  • Jamie Salvatori and Joe Woods
    Capture-the-Flag team-based mod