FlexBot Projects

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FlexBot Enhancements

Team communication

Better communication infrastructure for robots in a team. Communication can be managed through the use of global variables in the behavior DLL used in common by the bots. However we need to define some standard conventions for these variables, and there needs to be easy access to these variables from GRL.

Better installation mechanism

Our current distribution is a plain zip file. Not real sophisticated. Maybe some sort of InstallWise implementation?

Starting the bots at specific points on the map

The spawn points on the map are fixed. However, for debugging purposes, it would be really nice if our bots could start at a specific point on the map.

HUD of current behavior

There's no easy way of seeing the behavior that a bot is currently running.

Bug Fixes

  • Console crashes on menu access. Appears to be a new HL engine problem. Previous versions never seemed to have this issue.

  • can-get-item for weapons is broken

  • Sometimes, in long games, the bots die and never respawn

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