Hunter-Runner: Implementing HIVEMind on FlexBot

Aaron Khoo

The Movies

Map 2

The left figure shows an overhead view of the second map we used in our experiments. Up to 4 Hunters can spawn in the middle of the map. Player 4 in the figure is the Runner at the bottom of the map. Again, Player 1 is actually the human player and plays no actual role in the experiments. There are two possible exit points on this map, and they are located on a lower level. The red areas are ramps connecting the lower to a higher level where the spawn points are. 
  • Hunter-Runner Movie (map 2)
    (56secs, 4.6Mb)

    All Hunters and the Runner are started out at the same time. The Hunters spread out to cover the exits. Once there, they start searching the area for the Runner. Very soon, the Hunters observe and trap the Runner in a corridor on the lower level and eliminate the Runner. 

  • Overhead view of Hunter-Runner in action using Patton's BigBrother app (map 2)
    (44secs, 1.3Mb)

    Same scenario again. All bots (Hunters and Runner) are started at the same time. In this video, the Runner attempts to head for the other exit, but is quickly stopped by the Hunters. Then it is again trapped on the lower level and taken out. 

    This movie shows four Hunters in action against the Runner. 

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