Hunter-Runner: Implementing HIVEMind on FlexBot

Aaron Khoo

The Movies

Map 1

The left figure shows an overhead view of the first map we used in our experiments. Up to 4 Hunters can spawn in the bottom left corner. Player 4 in the figure is the Runner. Player 1 is actually the human player and plays no actual role in the experiments. 
  • Hunter-Runner Movie
    (1:32min, 7.7Mb)

    This movie starts out showing two Hunters moving out in search of the Runner. They begin by heading to the exit point and then spreading out in the search pattern described previously. They come to a halt when the Hunters realize they can no longer continue searching without leaving at least one corridor exposed. The Runner has been held inactive to this point to demonstrate the Hunters in action without interference from it. Now the Runner is activated and it tries to head towards the exit point. Notice that when the Runner sees any Hunters, it immediately turns around and runs away. Now, we dynamically add one more team member. The new Hunter (Bot 5) is added to the mix and immediately joins the Hivemind. It also moves to the exit point and then commences the search pattern. When it arrives at the appropriate point in the search pattern, all members of the team then continue searching the corridors. Now notice that team members will wait for their teammates to catch up before continuing on the next search step in order not to leave any corridors exposed during search. A little while later, the Runner makes a fatal mistake, turning down a corridor in between two Hunters. Now, the Hunters know the Runner is trapped, and summon their teammates. When all the Hunters see the Runner, they open fire and eliminate the threat. 

  • Overhead view of Hunter-Runner in action using Patton's BigBrother app
    (1:45min, 2.7Mb)

    This shows an overhead view of the Hunter-Runner experiment in action using the BigBrother app, which is part of the Patton project. The same pattern is followed: The Hunters are allowed to start first to demonstrate their movement patterns. Then the Runner is let loose. An additional Hunter is added dynamically and joins in the hunt. Finally, the Hunters trap the Runner in a corridor in the bottom left corner of the map and eliminate it. "Bot 1" in the bottom right corner is the ghost of the human player. Even though the human player doesn't actually show up in the game (being in chasecam mode), BigBrother still registers the human player's last known location.

  • Hunter-Runner Movie2
    (50 secs, 4.2Mb)

    This movie shows four Hunters in action against the Runner. 

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