June 13: Final project delivery due to client
June 7: In-class demo of client project
May 3: Client Preparation and Kickoff
May 3: Final Team Project Demo: In-class app demos and wrap up discussion.
April 16: Start of weekly coaching meetings and Retrospective reports
April 5 Day One -- What each team needs to prepare for the first day of class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Frances Searle 1-421


Chris Riesbeck



How to I get access to the shared documents?

See these instructions.

Why did you return my email?

Either it did not have "EECS 394" + your team name in the Subject, it did not CC your team, or it was not sent to my Northwestern email address.

The first and third are important so that I can file and find your emails later on.

The second is important so that I can reply-all to everyone on your team. Note: if you create a Google email group for team, don't forget to add me! Otherwise my reply-all will bounce.

Emails that fail to do the above will be returned for repair.

The only exception to the CC rule is when there's some personal or inter-personal issue that you don't want the team to know about.

Where did those team names come from?

In fall, the clients for EECS 394 come from the MPD2 program. Those students were traditionally organized into 6 teams: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow. For simplicity, EECS 394 teams are given the same names as their clients.

I have no idea where the names came from in MPD2.