User Test Testing Task
First Demo Task -- due Thursday
Team React Setup Task and Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Learn React Task -- a personal activity to help everyone learn (or practice) building React apps the recommended way
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the firstclass!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech M177


Chris Riesbeck



How to I get access to the shared documents?

See these instructions.

Why did you return my email?

There are 3 rules for EECS 394 emails:

The first and third rules so I can find and file your emails.

The second rule is so everyone knows you emailed me, I know everyone knows, and everyone sees my reply.

Note: if you create a Google email group for team, don't forget to add me! Otherwise my reply-all will bounce.

Emails that fail to do the above will be returned for repair.

The only exception to the CC rule is when there's some personal or inter-personal issue that you don't want the team to know about. These are very rare.

If you ask a really good question, I'm likely to tell you to re-ask it in Piazza.

Where did those team names come from?

In fall, the clients for EECS 394 come from the MPD2 program. Those students were traditionally organized into 6 teams: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow. For simplicity, EECS 394 teams are given the same names as their clients.

I have no idea where the names came from in MPD2.