June 13: Final project delivery due to client
June 7: In-class demo of client project
May 3: Client Preparation and Kickoff
May 3: Final Team Project Demo: In-class app demos and wrap up discussion.
April 16: Start of weekly coaching meetings and Retrospective reports
April 5 Day One -- What each team needs to prepare for the first day of class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Frances Searle 1-421


Chris Riesbeck


This class makes heavy use of shared class-wide Google Docs that I set up for you. These are kept in a shared folder. Links will be given on Canvas.

Each team will have a specific page or two of any document I share with you. Always edit the doc I make. Don't make a copy.

Every team should create their own subfolder in the shared folder. Some assignments will require certain documents to be put there, but you can use it for other project-related documents as well.

Getting Access

To access the shared documents, you must be signed into Google under your Gmail account.

If you are signed in another Gmail account, you will need to change users. To make this simple, enable multiple sign-in for Google Drive .

Do not send email asking for access via another Google account.

Note that as of April 16, 2015, you will not be able to access your account using your netid information..

Set Your Canvas Notifications

You are responsible for knowing when I share a new Google doc. The last thing you want to do is show up in class and see a spreadsheet on display with a big blank space for you or your team. I expect anything shared to be handled by the team within half a day, maximum.

See the Canvas instructions on setting notifications . Make sure your settings work for you in a timely manner.