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12 | 01 | 03

> Did anybody leave a Sony camera here?

If you need to use a hand crank to get it started,
it's probably Robin's Mavica. Hee hee.

12 | 02 | 03

we'll talk about stuff, it'll be good.

12 | 03 | 03

I accidentally DDRed my baby to sleep.

12 | 04 | 03

New memes on the block :)

You should get a boy-band together.

12 | 05 | 03

Spread the [Geek Fried Turkey FAQ] on the Net so that the geeks will inherit the earth next Thanksgiving after all the non-geeks fry themselves. ;)

12 | 06 | 03

From a chat w/Ian McKellan:

[ChatMod] Was it hard acting out the movie sequences involving the Balrog?

[SIM] I did not see the Balrog until I saw the film!
[SIM] He was -- it was -- just a yellow tennis ball on top of a pole for me to shout at.
[SIM] I felt like screaming "You shall not bounce!"

12 | 07 | 03

I'm all tired pathetic style.

12 | 08 | 03

It's hard to find time to write real mail, except when I'm drunk, like now. So it goes, in the extended urban family.

12 | 09 | 03

I've never cared for an invalid before, and it is demanding work.

12 | 10 | 03

Try yellowjackets. They turned my frown 270 degrees.

12 | 11 | 03

please finish your phd work so that i cannot be blamed for your tv addiction/demise.

12 | 12 | 03

Plus, if you're like every other grad student I've ever known, it's probably near this point you've hunkered down, gotten prepared, determined to finish your dissertation - and are now desparately looking for any and every reason to procrastinate. So, before you have to resort to daytime television...

12 | 13 | 03

we're going to toot our own horns for the sake of all fem gamers.

12 | 14 | 03

Your blog is pretty good reading - it has a nice combination of thought provoking random bits, with a touch of emotional angst. Kudos.

12 | 15 | 03

Anyway, some people were confused by the sign, as if they knew less about the Jesus mythos than I. One woman, Japanese, came up with her boyfriend. While stepping forward to pick up a rock she asked "what am I supposed to do?" Her boyfriend said you're supposed to throw it if you're without sin. She stepped back and said "Oh, I am full of sin."

12 | 16 | 03

The class loved Doug last year. He was the favorite guest speaker (Klingons were a close second, though).

12 | 17 | 03

i tend to fall pretty fast and then later realize that i may have been a little overzealous about it. oh well.... we'll see if this is yet another one of those situations

3 |18 | 03

In all seriousness, though, my favorite part of the story was the quote from the jerk in the marketing company who kept insisting that the only people who could feasibly have any problem with a catalog for a clothing store that, cleverly, doesn't show any clothes (but instead has lots of pictures of naked teenagers in what looks like a holiday party thrown by R Kelly) are people with "hang ups." I thought that line went out with the 60s. Since the catalog has since been pulled, I'll have to assume that lots of the parents whose money is being spent hand over fist in Abercrombie stores by their hangup-free teenage children couldn't get over their inhibitions. Some people are so uptight.

12 | 19 | 03

It feels good to go for a walk in the cool air with the sun shining on your butt....under clothing, of course.

12 | 20 | 03

Explain this whole "fair" concept?

12 | 21 | 03

I wanna go where it's sunny and dry and the temperature doesn't drop below 20 and, when the wind hits you, you actually feel good about it and consider it a rightful blessing instead of wanting to dig the biggest, quickest ditch to jump into.

12 | 22 | 03

... and have a healthy, happy, successful 2004


12 | 23 | 03

"13. DO LOOKS MATTER? there is a reason why Oprah doesn't turn the letters on Wheel of Fortune..."

12 | 24 | 03

Merry xmas to you too Robin (although you may well rue the birth of the Christ child when you are burning in the abyss)!

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