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breadcrumbs 2004

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"Discovered large, unidentifiable dead animal mostly submerged in stagnant water behind an abandoned building behind Matthew's high school. Took photos."

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"well some pucker's looking for someone to make my game, CHEERLEADING NINJAS!"

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"Every time I bring a sloppy joe to an English tourist, I die a little inside." - GK

1 | 05 | 04

"You're a nice person Robin. With a nice lamp."

1 | 06 | 04

"I H.A.T.E. COLD weather."

1 | 07 | 04

"I'm feeling more into a sociable kind of hiding out. I could just as easily do something dramatic if you've got a list that needs stuffed crossed off.

Stop getting me all worked up."

1 | 08 | 04

"My mother clings to a few old-world Indian notions, including arranged marriages. Of course I'm fiercely opposed, but jokingly asked if she could find me a hot babe. "I could," she said, "but why would she want you?"

1 | 09 | 04

"If you audition, you'll find the only role you get to read for is "antagonizing outsider", so save yourself."

1 | 10 | 04

"Happy pancakes, yo"

1 | 11 | 04

"I think I'm some kind of subdermal tired. Deep tired. I seem to be up and at em on the surface, but my brain has hung the gone fishin' sign (or whatever the super uncool veg equivalent of fishing might be)."

1 | 12 | 04

"Today I watched really good surfers on the big waves at sunset, ate a kind of nasty breaded-cod taco (with fucking sour cream on it), walked out on the "longest pier in the Pacific" where the ocean rolls right under the walkway and the spray comes up over it, it's totally intense. There seems to be a derelict (homeless beach bums) and hippie culture here, surfers and skaters, and then those svelt Calistyle chicks and metrosexual men who can order food items with names like "Very Berry Vegan Surprise" with a straight face. But also a lot of rednecks and mullets."

1 | 13 | 04

"I'm obsessed with city life as it exists abutting a grand natural phenomenon like long swaths of sandy beaches and cliffs and the crashing beast of the ocean."

1 | 14 | 04

"Maybe I should give in to deliciousness."

1 | 15 | 04

"so, have some extra hugs, to keep in pocket until next email, how is that?"

1 | 16 | 04

"If my head explodes we're both out of luck, right?"

1 | 17 | 04

"Figure out how to relate to someone who is a wonderful friend but doesn't love me as much as I think they ought, and relates to things/communicates in a very different way. Hopefully, this relation will still involve making out, but part of the goal is to STOP the making out if it turns out that it ISN'T a feasible part of a healthy interaction."

1 | 18 | 04

"Overheard at Lincoln Park bar:

Guy A: "So how are things at Deloit?"
Guy B: "Well... I'm kind of trapped there. But it could be, like, good trapped, or bad trapped."

1 | 19 | 04

"The aquarium was great, lots of strange sea creatures in really tasteful dispays. Like those see-through, opalescent jellyfish in a black case; and the fish that look like blades of sea grass or kelp, just floating around each other vertically in space; perfect little seahorses that look like carved black ivory. Amazing things that humble you as a human bungling around with an awkward backpack. But yet, we're the ones that put them in cases."

1 | 20 | 04

"Things are better in the trivial ways we all secretly like best."

1 | 21 | 04

"Well, lots to figure out, but dont have to get it all solved today."

1 | 22 | 04

"Being on your own for a while is not a bad thing, it can be positive
--like a roller coaster or Ethopian food, it only looks scary."

1 | 23 | 04

"Random weird site of the day."

1 | 24 | 04

"Anything that can help move the industry forward is sorely needed at this point"

1 | 25 | 04

"Is it a man?"

1 | 26 | 04

"Thanks, but I've got jury duty. I hope they let me fry someone."

1 | 27 | 04

"It's going to take costumes."

1 | 28 | 04

"Whoever had this idea has my utter admiration for their evil genius."

1 | 29 | 04

"More restrained, a bit more subtle, but sacrificing nothing in terms of effect.
Compressed, neutron-star-like girliness."

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