December 5: Final project deliverable due
December 1: Client Demos, Team Advice in Ford ITW. Demo Times
November 30: In-class demos, client advice writing task.
November 18: Iteration planning with clients! Saturday 11:00am Ford ITW
November 10: Iteration planning with clients! Friday 10:30am Chambers Hall (Foster St), lower level
November 9: Ionic testing activity
November 4: Iteration planning with clients! Saturday 11:00am Ford ITW
November 2: Purple / Yellow team demos. Client project demos.
October 27: Meet your clients! 10:30am Ford ITW
October 26: New Team Meet and Prep
October 26: Final Team Project Demo: In-class app demos and wrap up discussion.
October 17: Google visit
October 9: Start of weekly coaching meetings and Retrospective reports
September 26: First demo!
September 21: Hybrid setup report and four-panel storyboard.
September 19 Day One -- What each team needs to prepare for the first day of class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech M164


Chris Riesbeck


Hybrid Framework Setup Task

Ionic is the recommended platform this quarter. Ionic is recommended because it builds single-page apps that can be tested in web browsers, and has better support for automated testing.

If a team wishes to use Appgyver Supersonic, they should contact me first to explain why.

Once the team has selected their framework, either Ionic or Supersonic, the basic steps are the same.

This task should take just an hour or so, but may take longer if there are network or permissions issues. Get help from your teammates!

Post problems and solutions to Piazza. Always include what OS you're working on.

Specific details for Ionic and Supersonic are below.

Details for Ionic Users

Use Ionic 2, for reasons given here. Use Ionic 1 only if the entire team is already very invested in Angular 1.

For setting up your personal machine, use the barebones myApp on the Getting Started page.

For the team app, use the tutorial app. Be sure to put this in your team Github 394 repository.

Be sure to check my list of Ionic 2 tips and pitfalls.

Details for Supersonic Users

Note: Supersonic here refers to any of tools variously referred to as Steroids, AppXGyver, Supersonic and so on.

Supersonic's tutorials don't include a click-and-go "hello world" app. Everyone should should set up their individual machines by following the tutorial instructions. Do the First and Second Mile.

For the team app, use the same sample app as a base, but now have one team member create a project for it in your team Github 394 repository. Then everyone else clones and makes changes to this code, that everyone else can get and see on their devices.

When team members get the project from the repository, they will need to add the Supersonic modules locally. They are not pushed and saved to github for obvious space-saving reasons.

git clone
cd project-name
steroids login
steroids update

Be sure to check my list of Supersonic tips and pitfalls. This file has not been updated in 2 years, so it may contain out of date information. Steroids setup commands change over time. Post corrections and tips to Piazza.