June 13: Final project delivery due to client
June 7: In-class demo of client project
May 3: Client Preparation and Kickoff
May 3: Final Team Project Demo: In-class app demos and wrap up discussion.
April 16: Start of weekly coaching meetings and Retrospective reports
April 5 Day One -- What each team needs to prepare for the first day of class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Frances Searle 1-421


Chris Riesbeck


Hybrid Framework Setup Task

Ionic is the recommended platform this quarter. Ionic is recommended because it builds single-page apps that can be tested in web browsers, and has better support for automated testing.

This task should take just an hour or so, but may take longer if there are network or permissions issues. Get help from your teammates!

Post problems and solutions to Piazza. Always include what OS you're working on.

Setting up Ionic

Follow the instructions for installing the Ionic CLI (command line interface). Be careful not to install the outdated Ionic v1.

As a team, set up the tutorial app in your team Github 394 repository..

Be sure to check my list of Ionic tips and pitfalls.