CS 395 / 495

Section 24
Advanced Computer Graphics


Winter Quarter 2003 
Tues-Thurs 3:30-5:00
CS Dept Rm 381
1890 Maple Ave

Professor Jack Tumblin

email: jet@cs.northwestern.edu

Course Description


This course presents a broad overview of advanced graphics techniques from research papers and a recent textbook.  

Each week covers a different graphics topic with readings, presentations, and in-class discussions. Each student also writes a survey paper, or may choose a guided graphics programming project instead. Individual or group projects are encouraged.


Important Dates
Mon Jan 13:
e-mail your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Favorite Topic

**NOTE** Student Shortage!!
Grads can make 2nd presentation instead of 2nd survey paper.  Ask Dr. Tumblin...


Tue Feb 4:

Reference List for Survey Paper


Written Project Proposal Due


Tue Feb 18:
1st Survey Paper due from Grad Students (CS 495)

  Thu: Mar 13:
ALast Day of Class (no exam)
All Survey Papers Due; 
ll projects must be demo'd by day's end


How the course works

Topic schedule
Topics and references