Topics and Schedule
 CS 395 - Advanced Computer Graphics
Winter Quarter 2003


Here is the list of the topics we will cover in class.  Each week we begin discussion of new topics with a 45 minute introductory lecture by the prof.  Remaining class time in the week will be taken up with in-depth student presentations on the week's topic.  
(Some readings available only to ACM Digital library subscribers).


Weekly Topics:

Matching Reading

Tu/Th Jan 7/9 -- Introduction & Overview:

Jan 7: Tumblin:   Intro, Administrivia; 
               SIGGRAPH Videos: amazing recent advances...
Jan 9:
Tumblin: All I know about advanced graphics in 90 minutes! 


E-mail your presentation  topic preferences
(1st, 2nd, 3rd) to by Monday, Jan 13 

Tu/Th Jan 14/16  -- Shape representation:


Volumes, implicit surfaces, parametric surfaces, subdivision surfaces, point based models,...

Jan 14: Tumblin Overview (talk; demos 1, 2; images)  

Jan 14: Jared Brown( talk ):  IBMR/Shape Hybrids: "Image-Based Modeling & Photo-Editing" Byong Mok Oh, Max Chen, Julie Dorsey, Fredo Durand SIGGRAPH2001.

Jan 16: Dan Cogswell:  Particle Systems Tutorial
Jan 16: Steve Gordon:  Parametric Surfaces Tutorial


Good starting points: 

Parametric Surfaces

Demo: (java applet) 

Surface Rep. Course Notes, Carnegie Mellon: 
Tutorial from UCDavis: 
Ronald Goldman's overview; Rice Univ: 
Great Textbook: "Curves and Surfaces for CAGD" Gerald Farin 
Australian National University Tutorial 
Short bibliography: 

Subdivision Surfaces
SIGGRAPH'98 Tutorial (Schroder, Zorin): (EXCELLENT!) 
Tutorial from Intel: 
Recent work at MaxPlanck Inst: 

Implicit surfaces
Using radial basis fcns: 
Using velocity field: (desbrun 98) 
Using Variational methods: 

JAVA renderer: John Hughes. 

Particle Systems & Procedural modeling

Particle animation and rendering using data parallel computation --Karl Sims  SIGGRAPH 90 Pages: 405 - 43


Particle Systems
(particles are no longer an active research area, but useful)

Great tutorial, with many papers

Seminal Paper that Started it All:
Reeves, William T., "Particle Systems- A Technique for Modeling a Class of Fuzzy Objects" ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 1983, pg. 91-108.

The Use of Positional Information in the Modeling of Plants 
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Lars Muendermann, Radoslaw Karwowski, Brendan Lane (University of Calgary) 

Watt: Chs. 2.2-2.4; 3.1-3.5; 4; 13.1-13.3

"Adaptively sampled distance fields: a general representation of shape for computer graphics" Frisken et al., SIGGRAPH 00.

"Surface splatting" Zwicker et al., SIGGRAPH 01.  (project page)

Tu/Th Jan 21/23 -- 2D Image space techniques:

Anti-alias, composite, image morph, mosaics, panoramas...

Jan 21: Tumblin: Overview (talk; paper)  
Jan 21: Evan Van Dyke: "Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling" Alexei Efros, Thomas Leung, ICCV1999 (talk; paper)

Jan 23: Chris Hayes:"Transferring Color to Greyscale Images "
Tomihisa Welsh et al., SIGGRAPH2002 (talk, paper)

Jan 23: Gabe Matlin:"Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression" Fattal, Lischinski SIGGRAPH2002 (talk; paper)

Good starting points: 

SIGGRAPH Educational Committee: Teaching Materials 

SIGGRAPH2001:  Images & Textures: 
--"Image Analogies" Aaron Hertzmann (New York University and Microsoft Research), Charles E. Jacobs, Nuria Oliver (Microsoft Research), Brian Curless (University of Washington), David H. Salesin (University of Washington and Microsoft Research) 


--Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression 
Raanan Fattal, Dani Lischinski, Michael Werman (The Hebrew University) 

Watt: Ch. 14

"Environment matting and compositing" Douglas Zongker et al.,  SIGGRAPH 99

"Transferring Color to Greyscale Images "
Tomihisa Welsh, Michael Ashikhmin, Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University) SIGGRAPH2002


Tue/Thu Jan 28/30 - Surface mappings:

Procedural textures & elaboration, bump/displacement maps, ...

Jan 28: Tumblin:     Overview (talk; pictures)  
Jan 28:Leon Zhao: Perspective Shadow Maps (talk; paper)

Jan 30: Jon Super: Texture Synthesis on Surfaces-Turk(talk)
Jan 30: Michael Gradassi: BRDFs and BTFs - Dana (talk)

Good starting points: 
 SIGGRAPH2002: find at: 

--Perspective Shadow Maps 
    Marc Stamminger, George Drettakis (REVES/INRIA Sophia-Antipolis) 

--Synthesis of Bidirectional Texture Functions on Arbitrary Surfaces (PDF) 
Xin Tong (Microsoft Research), Jingdan Zhang (Tsinghua University), Ligang Liu (Microsoft Research), Xi Wang (Tsinghua University), Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft Research China) 


SIGGRAPH2001: find at: 

--Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer 
Alexei A. Efros (University of California, Berkeley), William T. Freeman (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory) 
--Texture Synthesis on Surfaces 
Greg Turk (Georgia Institute of Technology) 

Watt: Ch. 8

"Texture synthesis on surfaces" Greg Turk, SIGGRAPH 01.

"Lapped textures" Praun et al.,  SIGGRAPH 00.

Tue/Thu Feb 4/6 - Real Global illumination 
                                 & Convincing Fakes

BRDFs, radiosity, photon mapping, subsurface scattering...

Due dates:
Feb 4 - project proposal, or
Feb 4 - reference list for survey paper 

Feb 4: Tumblin: Overview (talk)
Feb 4: Matt McCrory: BRDFs and Lighting (talk)

Feb 6: Ankit Mohan: Photon Mapping--Wann-Jensen(talk)
Feb 6: 

Good starting points:

 UNC Online Introduction

"Fast Calculation of Soft-Shadow Textures Using Convolution" Cyril Soler, Francois Sillion, pg 321, SIGGRAPH1998

"Global Illumination using Photon Maps". In "Rendering Techniques '96". Eds. X. Pueyo and P. Schröder. Springer-Verlag, pp. 21-30, 1996 


Desktop RADIANCE homepage (Win32 RADIANCE+GUI) 

"Instant radiosity" Alexander Keller, SIGGRAPH 97.  (home page)

Watt: Chs. 7; 10

"Reflection-space image-based rendering" Cabral et al., SIGGRAPH 99.

"Deep shadow maps" Tom Lokovic and Eric Veach,  SIGGRAPH 00.

Tues/Thu Feb 11/13 - Shape Manipulation

Simplification, morphing, comparison & summary, fitting...

Feb 11: Tumblin: Overview (talk, R-simp, PolyZipper, ShapeDistrib)  
Feb 11: Cliff Rhyne:  Water Animation & Rendering (talk)

Feb 13: Pin Ren: Geometry Images (talk)

 Good starting points:

SIGGRAPH2002: find at

"Geometry Images"
Xianfeng Gu, Steven Gortler (Harvard University), Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research) 

DyRT: Dynamic Response Textures for Real Time Deformation Simulation with Graphics Hardware 
Doug L. James, Dinesh K. Pai (University of British Columbia) 

Watt: Ch. 2.5

"Shape transformation using variational implicit functions" Turk et al., SIGGRAPH 99.

"Topology matching for fully automatic similarity estimation of 3D shapes" Hilaga et al., SIGGRAPH 01.

Tue/Thu Feb 18/20 - Light fields & Approximations:

Visibility culling, shadow maps, lumigraphs...

Due date:
Feb 18: survey paper for grads

Feb 18: Overview (talk)  
Feb 18: Xing Hu: Polynomial Texture Maps
                                       (talk (used Tom Malzbender's slides))

Feb 20: Jonathan Bockelman (talk) Concentric Mosaics (Shum, He)
Feb 20: Matt McCrory (talk): Plenoptic Stitching (Aliaga, Carlbom)

Good starting points: 

"Light Field Rendering" Marc Levoy et al. SIGGRAPH96 
and an application: 

Adaptive Shadow Maps: Randima Fernando,... pg 387, SIGGRAPH 2001 

Luebke's Visibility Culling Lecture:  

"Tracing Ray Differentials" Homan Igehy, SIGGRAPH 1999

Watt: Chs. 9; 16.5

"The lumigraph" Steven Gortler et al., SIGGRAPH 96.

"Polynomial texture maps" Tom Malzbender et al., SIGGRAPH 01.

Tue/Thu Feb 25/27- Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR):

Ink, pencil, watercolor, oil, artistic style, video...

Feb 25: Tumblin: Overview (talk)  
Feb 25: Amit Wadehra: (talk): Walk-thru Illustrations... 

Feb 27: Pin Ren:(talk):DAB: Interactive Haptic Painting ...
Feb 27: Anthony Giangiorgi:(talk) Brush Model for 3D Painting ...

Good starting points: 

Craig Reynold's great NPR site:

Mario Souza's NPR site  

SIGGRAPH2001:; look for:
"Real-Time Hatching"
Emil Praun, Matthew Webb, Adam Finkelstein (Princeton University), Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research) 

Student's collection: 


"Escherization" Craig Kaplan et al., SIGGRAPH 00.

"Digital facial engraving" Victor Ostromoukhov, SIGGRAPH 99.


Tue/Thu Mar 4/6 - Model acquisition & IBMR

light field capture, 3D scans, Image based modeling & rendering,

Mar 4:Tumblin: Overview (talk)
Mar 4: Pierce Groover (talk) (Modeling )Subdivision Surfaces

Mar 6: Justin Kai-Wei Wong (dropped)
Mar 6: Ankit Mohan (Talk) Debevec: Rendering Synthetic Objects into Real Scenes 

Good starting points: 

"The Digital Michelangelo Project: 3D Scanning of Large Statues" Marc  Levoy et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page)  


"Image-Based Visual Hulls" Steven Gortler et al. pg SIGGRAPH2001,


SIGGRAPH2000 3D photography course:



"View Morphing", Steve Seitz, Chuck Dyer, SIGGRAPH 96 



"Layered Depth Images", Jonathan Shade, Steven Gortler, Li-Wei He, Richard Szeliski. SIGGRAPH 1998, 231-242, July 1998. 

and the follow-on:

" LDI Trees: A Hierarchical Rep. for Image Based Rendering" Chun-fa Chang, pg 291 SIGGRAPH1999

Watt: Ch. 16

"Image-Based Visual Hulls" Matusik et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page, presentation)

Real-Time 3D Model Acquisition 
Szymon Rusinkiewicz (Princeton University), Olaf Hall-Holt, Marc Levoy (Stanford University)

Tue/Thu Mar 11/13 - Demos, Odds & Ends:

Project demos, makeup presentations,  etc.
Survey papers due Thursday Mar 13



More Hot Topics To Explore:

Animation of All Sorts!
--Human Facial Modeling, Animation, Recognition
--Human Figure Movement and Animation 
--Motion-Capture and Object Tracking
--Real Physics: Collision Detection, Fluid Dynamics,
  Cloth, Hair, Light Refraction, Dispersion & Fluorescence

--CAD problems
--Scientific Visualization/Simulation/Steering
--Real Biology: Biological Processes (tree, flower, animal growth, mutation)
--Tone-mapping and Perception (Tumblin's specialty)
--Image-Based Rendering (caching, visibility schemes)
--Security & Watermarking in 2D and 3D
--Image and Video Processing; Image Databases
--Haptics and Real-Time Deformable Objects
--Human-Computer Interface for Graphics Tasks ('Teddy', Marks' Design-Space etc.)
--Graphics Hardware: Compilers for Shading Languages; General Purpose Image Computation...