The Autonomous Mobile Robot Group

Department of Computer Science
Northwestern University


Final Projects 2000

Below is a sampling of final projects for the behavior-based robotics class for Fall 2000. Clicking on the name of each project will lead to a more detailed description of that project.

Pan-Tilt Camera Mount
The robot doesn't have to just look down any more!

Controlling The Robot Using Everyday Devices
Cellphones, handhelds and joysticks! Oh my!

Video Streaming from the Robot
See what the robot sees from the comfort of your desktop.

Logging Robot Data
More than one group took a crack at logging data from our robots for debugging purposes.

  • Displaying data in a Java Applet

  • Display data in HTML form

R.O.B. (Remotely Operated Bot)
Teleoperate the robot via a visual basic-based GUI interface.

Flash-enabled GRL interface
Flashy looking way to generate GRL code automatically.

Ball Fetching Robot
Go boy! Fetch!


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