Welcome to the EECS 111 class home page. For time-critical announcements, requests for help, tips, etc., go to the class newsgroup. See that page for instructions on how to read the newsgroup.

3/23/2010: The newsgroup has moved. Instead of cs.111 it is now eecs.111, and the news server is news.eecs.northwestern.edu. All old messages have been moved over. Delete the old newsgroup account and create a new one.
3/23/2010: The final exam, final exam with answers, and all recorded scores and grades have been uploaded. Email me if you note any errors.

Your final project programs, complete and running, are due to the TA noon Monday, March 15. Clean before sending:

A few people still haven't made their character icon backgrounds transparent. That really makes the game look amateurish. There are many free image editing tools that can do this. I like Irfanview, but there's also Gimp and Gimpshop. Google "gif transparency tools" for more. In Irfanview, do "save as" GIF and make sure the save as dialog box has "Show options dialog" checked. That will give you a box that lets you say "ask me for the color to be transparent."

3/2/2010: The schedule for project demos has been posted to the newsgroup and put on the schedule. Plan for a couple minutes max showing what happens in your game, plus questions from the audience, plus a possible brief request from me to see the code you wrote to do some bit of the game.
ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN. This is the time to come and appreciate the hard work everyone's been doing.

2/15/2010: The game project is underway. There's just a few weeks before you go live! See the schedule for the milestones. More on these in class. And see project tips for some advice on how to code your project to avoid headaches.

2/5/2010: Midterm results: The midterm, midterm with answer key, midterm scores, Code Critic data, and a midterm summary are up. See the newsgroup for what it all means.

This is an introductory course on computer science, models of computation, and sofware development. This class is an opportunity for you to see what computer science is all about and (more importantly) to see whether you want to spend the next few years doing more of it. This course will include many programming exercises, readings, a midterm, and a final examination. Class participation is essential.

A laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux) works best in this class. Bring it to class, and bring it to me or the TA when getting help.

Getting Started

Download onto your computer into an EECS 111 folder the PLT Scheme programming environment.

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