Research Interests

My research focuses on large-scale distributed systems, mainly the design, measurement, and modeling of peer-to-peer systems. I am also interested in modeling and analysis of wide-area network traffic.

My research approach covers both experimental buildup, theoretical modeling, and performance analysis, which I believe could give me the power of delving into many intriguing territories in distributed systems.


Main Research Projects

  • lifespan-based protocols and strategies for peer-to-peer systems

  • The main goal is to improve system stability and enhance application performance in the face of highly transient P2P populations, we achieved this by designing new protocols and strategies which take peers' session lengths as the first-key attribute.

  • Server-side scheduling for peer-to-peer systems

  • I looked at the problem of reducing the waiting time of user requests at the server-side of peer-to-peer systems and enhancing people's experience with P2P. The approach is to effectively scheduling the server-side of peer-to-peer system based on our novel scheduling algorithms to handle overwelming requests from other peers in the system.

  • TCP traffic analysis and prediction on the wide area network

  • We performed characterization of TCP throughput on the wide-area networks. Analysis and modeling for both single TCP and parallel TCP traffic were conducted, and new enchmarking techniques to predict the TCP througput on the wide-area networks were proposed.