Network Measurement, Monitoring, Diagnosis and Inference


To understand the behavior of Internet and provide adaptation to Internet applications with overlay network monitoring, diagnosis and inferences.



  • David Bindel (grad, UC Berkeley)
  • Guohan Lu (Tsinghua University, China)

Past Collaborators

  • Brian Chavez (undergrad, UCSC)
  • Hanhee Song (undergrad, UC Berkeley)
  • Randy Katz (faculty, UC Berkeley)
  • Lili Qiu (Microsoft Research)
  • Tony McGregor (NLANR)
  • Chris Overton, Jing Zhi (Keynote)

Publications (please follow the link)


  • Tomography-based Overlay Network Monitoring (TOM): measure the minimal number of paths (O(nlogn)) to infer the loss rates of all other paths on an overlay network of n nodes.
  • Operationally Deterministic Network Diagnosis (ODD)
    1. Pure end-to-end based measurement to infer the link-level loss rate.
    2. Poster in ACM SIGCOMM, Aug., 2005.
  • Fragmentation Aided Diagnosis (FAD): a router-response based approach to infer link-level loss rate without any receiver support.
  • Packet fOrwarding Priority Inference (POPI): use end-to-end measurements to infer the packet forwarding priorities on routers.

Impact of Research

Our SIGCOMM 2004 paper on scalable overlay network monitoring has been extensively used in networking Ph.D. qualification exams and for seminar readings at various institutes: Cornell Systems Lunch, Rutgers system course, Columbia University (ELEN E6768 Emerging Topics in Emerging Networks), Boston University Networks Reading Group, National Taiwan University research group.


References (a bit out of date)

         RON: Resilient Overlay Network, David G. Andersen, Hari Balakrishnan, M. Frans Kaashoek, Robert Morris, SOSP 2001. Classical work on adaptive overlay network. Here is the RON project homepage.

         User-level Internet Path Diagnosis, Ratul Mahajan, Neil Spring, David Wetherall, Thomas Anderson, SOSP 2003. Use single source-dest pair for diagnosis.

         Comparison of some Internet Active End-to-end Performance Measurement projects from SLAC

    • BGP/routing Measurement
  •  Network Performance Data Analysis
  • General Internet Services Enabled

Data Available Online