Homework 3


Handed out:      May 5, 2007

Due back:         May 11, 11:59pm, 2007(by submission timestamp).

Submission:      Electronic submission to ychen@northwestern.edu

Notes:              1. To be done by each group.


Please write an essay on some scenarios when you need to make business decisions regarding information security.  This can be your past experience or something you are currently working on.  Feel free to anonymize the involved companies if you want.  Please describe the problem you were/are facing, how you solved the problem (including any research you did), the lessons you learned from the process (e.g., how prevalent is the problem in IT and whether the existing products/solutions are sufficient, etc.), and some technical questions you have from the experience (please be as specific as possible).


You can write a single scenario or several scenarios (ideally they are somehow related).  The essay is supposed to be about 1000 words.   Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.