Course Lecture Plan

Notes: Reading refers to textbook KR unless denoted otherwise.

Slides of recitation by TA are here.


Lecture Topics




Wed 1/8

Class overview, Introduction to Networking (Internet, protocol, circuit- and packet-switching)


Ch. 1.1-1.3, 1.8


Fri 1/10

Introduction to Networking (access networks, physical media, delay and loss, layered architecture)

Ch. 1.4-1.7

Project 1 out. Find partner (groups of up to 2). 

Wed 1/15

Application Layer (Web, HTTP)



Ch. 2.1-2.3

  Homework 1 out.

Fri 1/17

Application Layer (Email, DNS)

Ch. 2.4-2.5


Wed 1/22

Application Layer (socket programming)

Ch. 2.7-2.8
Fri 1/24 Transport Layer (intro and multiplexing)



Ch. 3.1 -3.2 Homework 1 in. Homework 2 out.
Wed 1/29

Transport Layer (reliable data transfer, TCP)

Ch. 3.3 -3.4


Fri 1/31

TCP (connection)

Ch. 3.5   Project 1 in. Project 2 out

Wed 2/5

TCP (congestion control)

Ch. 3.6-3.7


Fri 2/7

Review for Midterm

Homework discussion

Homework 2 in.

Wed 2/12


Fri 2/14

Midterm grading review
Network Layer (intro, virtual circuit)


Ch. 4.1-4.2

Homework 3 out.  

Wed 2/19

Network Layer (Internet Protocol,)

Ch. 4.2-4.4

Fri 2/21

Network Layer (routing algorithm)

 Ch. 4.4-4.5


Wed 2/26 Office hours for Project 2

Fri 2/28

Network Layer (Hierarchical routing, routing in the Internet: OSPF)

Ch. 4.6

Project 2 in. Project 3 out.

Wed 3/5

Network Layer (routing in the Internet: BGP, multicast)

Ch. 4.7


Fri 3/7

Data Link Layer (intro, error detection/correction, multiple access protocols, LAN)


Ch. 5.1-5.4

Homework 3 in. Homework 4 out.

Wed 3/12

Data Link Layer (Ethernet, hubs, bridges, switches)

Ch. 5.5-5.6


Fri 3/14

Review for final


Ch. 8.1-8.3

 Homework 4 in. Project 3 in.



  1. Most slides are adopted and modified from materials developed by J. F. Kurose and K. W. Ross.