Introduction to Networking

Homework 4


Handed out:     Tu., March 2

Due back:        Wed., March 10, 11:59pm (by email timestamp).

Submission:     Electronic submission to the grader (not TA!) at

                        Send your write-up as an attachment with your name on it.

Word preferred so that you can input formula/symbols with superscript and subscript.  The grader will add comments and grade to your file directly.

Notes:              To be done individually.


  1. Textbook review question 5-4
  2. Textbook problem 5-4
  3. Textbook problem 5-12 (for (e), you only need to tell the difference from (d)).  The figure is online here.
  4. Textbook problem 5-14
  5. Textbook problem 5-15
  6. Textbook problem 5-18