As part of my work for cs140, I hope to implement some NPR image filters.
Given that, it seems like it would be nice to know how to create plugins for The Gimp. That way, when the time comes to create my image filters, I can distribute them as gimp plugins.

So in anticipation of the NPR filter assignment, I have spent a little time trying to familiarize myself with gimp plugin development.

Here are some interesting links:
Gimp homepage
WinGimp homepage
docs on writing plugins
gimp plugin registry

Here is a rather embarrassingly simple plugin that I wrote (it is useful for creating particle textures).

Naturally getting gimp plugins to compile is rather tricky under MS windows. But I have done it and lived to tell the tale. Here is a short guide.

If you are working on a linux machines, compiling plugins should be easy.
Just get yourself a copy of the gimp development kit, and you can build and install single source file plugins by calling
`gimptool --install my_plugin_name.c`.

Jeff and I spent a little time trying to get gimp-devel working on the robot lab machines, but we ran into a little trouble. I blame everything on RedHat 8. Maybe I will try again if Daniel ever talks Jeff into setting up a Debian box.