Credit Where Credit Is Due Department

I'd like to acknowledge the tools and toolmakers that have made the creation of my many web pages possible. Each line is a link to the homepage for the tool or toolmaker.

Claris home page

Claris Home Page

Particularly useful for editing something close to the final product. And "remote save" is a real time-saver.

Barebone home page


Nothing beats BBEdit for manipulating a pile of HTML files quickly.

Digitool home page

Macintosh Common Lisp

Everyone has their "roll your own" link checker. For some of us, it's MCL. It also has a reasonable text-based HTML editor package.

Net Fu/Cooltext home page

Net Fu

An on-line logo maker, using Scheme and Java, among other things! A nifty tool from the GIMP people, but currently accessible from Cooltext.

Jay Boersma's home page

Jay Boersma's WebPaper

Wonderful backgrounds for those of us who remember wood pulp based imaging hardware.

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