NU EECS Setup Test

Chris Riesbeck
Last updated: July 3, 2009

These notes describe how to test that your C++ setup, including your gcc compiler, UnitTest++, and Makefile, are ready for use in my C++ courses.

Be sure that you have installed all the software described here including the the sample geometry project archive. This includes code that uses UnitTest++ and the NU EECS Magic Makefile. This Makefile can be used unchanged in any course project to automatically compile the C++ files in a directory.

Extract the files from the sample project archive into the directory where you are keeping projects for your course. The Zip file will create the subdirectory geometry.

Open a terminal window (Unix or MacOS X) or a Cygwin window (Windows).

cd to the geometry directory.

Type make. If everything is set up correctly, the project should build without errors or warnings.

If the build succeeds, type ./geometry.exe to run the code. You should see this output:

GeometryTests.cpp:22: error: Failure in areaNegativeSides: Expected 0 but was -10
GeometryTests.cpp:23: error: Failure in areaNegativeSides: Expected 0 but was -10
GeometryTests.cpp:24: error: Failure in areaNegativeSides: Expected 0 but was 10

FAILURE: 1 out of 3 tests failed (3 failures).
Test time: 0.01 seconds.

The above failure messages are OK. If you do not see these messages, or see different messages, there's something wrong with your setup.

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