The Code Critic

Chris Riesbeck
Last updated: July 20, 2009

In my classes, you learn by doing and re-doing:

I try to respond to code submissions within a day. However, so much code comes in over the weekend, that it usually takes a couple of days to clear the Monday morning queue. The Code Critic page shows you how long the queue is and where your submissions are in the queue. Be patient, but if several days go by and it seems like your submission has been overlooked, email me.

No grades are given on individual exercises. Your course grade is determined by:

Getting critiques is not a bad thing. That's how you learn. Expect many critiques, especially early on. Expect to re-do most solutions at least once, and sometimes three or four times. This is normal and part of the process.

The two things to avoid are:

Rules of the Queue

For the critiquing process to work smoothing and fairly, there are a few important rules. Submissions that violate one or more rules will be returned unreviewed for correction.

Pace yourself. Don't fall behind. Submit and re-submit steadily. Because of the Limit of Two, you can't send a flood of submissions late in the course.

Include the file name in each file. Because you will often be submitting several short files in a batch to the Code Critic, it's important that every file start with a brief identifying line.

Tips for writing good code the first time

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