Indie Version History

If you need version information going back farther than 8.20.0, let me know, I can dig it up for you. -- Seth

Summary of New Features

These are the changes you might want to know about if you are upgrading an old GBS to the current version of Indie and want to know what changes to make to take advantage of current functionality. Usability improvements in the tool are not included.

Complete Version Information


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 20 Oct 1998

Fixed bug where if you saved your game and then loaded it back in,
layers didn't remember what their last shown layers were or whether
you'd seen their guide videos already.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 28 Aug 1998

Two bugfixes:

- The "media reaper" (that finds pictures and movies on your hard
  drive that aren't used in your GBS) now works even on relative

- Quitting Indie (tool or runtime) when the menubar is hidden no
  longer leaves the menubar all screwed up.  (If Indie crashes hard,
  however, the menubar will probably stay screwed up...)


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 10 Aug 1998

Important bugfix:

- Questions without answers will no longer make your "Go Back" button
  get confused or even produce errors.  Not that any of you would ever
  stoop so low as to put questions with no answers in your GBS's in a
  vain attempt to make your ASK system look bigger than it is :-).

  I mean "questions without answers" in the technical Indie sense,
  not in the sense of "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
  and so forth...

Minor bugfixes:

- When Indie informs you that an answer viewer is too small, it now
  tells you which answer viewer it's talking about.  (Before it was
  usually obvious, but now that the default answer feature exists it's
  not always so obvious.)

- You can now set the nameplate font or title font on an answer viewer
  even if the nameplate or title isn't currently being shown.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 7 Aug 1998


- By popular demand, text on buttons can now be centered (as always),
  or (new!!!) left or right justified.  Everybody happy.  This works
  on borderless buttons, 3d border buttons, and two-pict buttons.  It
  even works in question-viewer as long as your question buttons are

- Two pict buttons now have a default "H-Offset" (i.e., left and right
  margin of 10 pixels).  This doesn't affect old buttons you've
  already created.  If your button texts are trespassing on the edges
  of your buttons, use the "H-Offset" feature to prevent this from
  happening.  (Also see bugfix below.)

- Changed the window centering algorithm to be smarter.  Windows that
  are exactly the same size as the screen, or very close to that size,
  will now be positioned correctly, too late to make Bridget happy.


- Fixed a bug where editing a button's "H-Offset" correctly set both
  the left and right margin, but the change to the right margin
  wouldn't be saved, so the next time you loaded your GBS the right
  margin would revert back to 0.  IMPORTANT: as a result of this
  change, the way some of your button texts wrap may have changed, and
  in particular, a button text that fit before might not fit now.  Check
  all of your button texts, especially questions, to make sure they all
  still fit on your buttons!!!

- Indie now remembers to take the height of "asynchronous" (standard
  Mac) quicktime movie controllers into account when calculating what
  the minimum height of an answer viewer has to be.

- Hopefully you won't see that bug any more where the Windows menu
  disables itself and then stays disabled until you quit.  If you ever
  notice this happen again let me know.

- Bogus windows associated with "Blank Desktop" feature no longer show
  up on Windows menu.

- The preview answer window no longer has two movie controllers.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 4 Aug 1998

New features:

- When you're demoing, it's embarrassing to have your pornographic
  desktop pattern and all of that random stuff you keep lying around
  on your desktop visible around the edges of your GBS windows.  So I
  added in some code that makes the entire desktop plain gray while
  you're in Indie.  In the tool, this feature is off by default; to
  turn it on, like when you're demoing, using the "Blank Desktop" item
  on the Special menu.  In runtimes, this feature is always on; if you
  demo in the tool, you'll have to remember to turn it on yourself at
  the start of the demo.


- You can now edit the stickiness of a 3d text button.  This has been
  broken long enough (a couple months) that some people probably never
  even knew that a 3d text button could be sticky.  Well, they can.

- Funny no one ever noticed this, but in runtimes, all windows with
  titlebars always had close boxes, even if you didn't author them
  that way.  It's fixed now.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 4 Aug 1998

Two bugfixes:

- Trying to show an answer that there's no answer viewer for no longer
  produces an error.

- "Orphaned" layers are now handled correctly in the layer controller
  and elsewhere.  "Orphaned" layers are layers that are not on any
  window.  The bug was that children of orphaned layers would not show
  up at all.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 3 Aug 1998

New stuff:

- COOL NEW FEATURE!  When you drag a widget off the palette, it is
  automatically added to the current layer.  How does Indie know what
  the current layer is?  It's the layer that shows up in the layer
  controller with its name in outline layers.  Basically, it's the
  most specific (most deeply nested) currently showing layer.

  So before where you did drag, add to layer, drag, add to layer,
  drag, add to layer, ad infinitum (or drag drag drag drag, multi-
  select, add to layer if you were clever), now just make sure the
  layer you want the widgets on is the current layer, and then just
  drag stuff out and you're done.

- New datachecker: "Widgets on more than one layer".  This is allowed,
  but not necessarily something that you'd commonly want to do, so
  this datachecker will show you all the places that you did it so you
  can review them and make sure they were all intentional.


- Oops, I broke "initially shown sublayer" on windows.  Fixed now.

- Oops, the close box stuff didn't quite work yet.  Works now, maybe.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 3 Aug 1998

New features:

- There is now a new RADIO-BUTTON-POPPED: event that you can hang
  triggers off of, to make something happen when a radio button pops up
  (because another radio button in its group was pushed down), making
  the Readiness team happy.

- New checkbox on the argument summary model action that lets you include
  a list of all active claims in the argument summary, making the
  Readiness team happy.

- Important change to how layers work.  The "Remember last shown
  sublayer" checkbox on layers now has a stronger meaning.  If you
  re-show a layer that does not remember its last shown, all that
  layer's children will be hidden.  You can use this to make close

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- Fixed layer/topic bug (if you had a help topic associated with a layer,
  it would sometimes be activated repeatedly instead of just once when
  the layer first shows), making the Readiness team happy.

- In a layer navigation button's gray window, you can now double click
  the name of the selected layer in order to edit that layer.

- The sort order for layers is now consistent everywhere (I think);
  anywhere you get a list of all layers, you should see them in the
  same order as you see them in the layer controller.

- Fixed several bugs with "video-server style" answer viewers.  They
  now work even without a movie controller.  (You need to use this
  kind of answer viewer if you want to be able to put interface
  elements in front of movies -- otherwise the movies always show
  through to the front of their window.)

- Perhaps fixed bug where quitting from a runtime could produce a
  weird "Terminate with extreme prejudice?" dialog; not sure if
  actually fixed.

- "Remember last shown sublayer" option removed from windows because
  it doesn't really make sense for windows.

- Indie will no longer mysterious insert Greek delta characters into
  your GBS filename.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 15 Jul 1998

Three small but fun new things:

- By popular demand, the editing windows for critiquing rules now have
  an "Edit Trigger" button at the bottom that will let you edit that
  rule's RULE-FIRED: trigger (or create one for you if there isn't one
  yet).  Y'all can have your cake and eat it too.

- Layer controller now indicates which is the "key" layer by drawing
  the layer name in an outlined font.  The "key" layer is the most
  specific currently showing layer (that is not starred or the
  descendant of a starred layer) -- it's the layer that has the first
  crack at supplying a "Now what?" answer, and I might be using it for
  other purposes as well in the future.

- On multiple-monitor systems, windows will no longer migrate to
  monitors with high color depth *unless* the monitor is big enough to
  hold the window.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 13 Jul 1998

Several new features that should make building your GBS's
faster & easier:

- New slot on rules in the critiquer: you can specify an answer that
  will be shown whenever the rule fires.  This makes most RULE-FIRED:
  triggers unnecessary, preventing a lot of authoring hassle.  (You
  can still have a RULE-FIRED: trigger if you want one -- there's
  still no easy way to get to it, but I'll fix that soon too.)

- You can now associate a topic with each layer; that topic will be
  activated whenever the topic is shown.  This makes it very easy to
  do "just-in-time" help, i.e., making certain questions available on
  the screen whenever you're in a certain part of the interface.  Edit
  your layer, and then open up the "Guidance" pane, which is also
  where you specify the guide and now what answers.  Hopefully now
  with this change most of your navigation buttons will no longer even
  need to have CLICKED: triggers!

- You can now set a "default answer" for answer viewers.  This is the
  answer that will be shown unless some other answer is showing.  An
  example of when you might want to use this is for talking to
  characters: make a PICT answer of the person just sitting there, and
  then make that answer the default answer for that person's answer



- "Now what?" works now (guess no one's using it or you would have

- "Load game" works now (it has been rather broken ever since 9.4.0).
  Known bug: "load game" isn't compatible with video-server style
  movies, but since nobody's using a video server except Rembrandt and
  they're still using 9.x, I'm not going to fix that unless I have to.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 13 Jul 1998

Nothing very exciting:

- Hopefully fixed button-drawing-too-soon bug -- your whole screen
  should be now be drawing at once again.  Let me know if you notice
  any screen update anomalies.

- Layer navigation buttons now observe their "Sticky?" flags -- so you
  can create a navigation button that doesn't stick in the down

- Saved answer view text files now are Microsoft Word files, not
  SimpleText files (in case they're too long to be viewed with

- Indie now hopefully doesn't get confused anymore when you add
  something to a radio group and then remove it.

- Bigger layer selection window when using "Add to Layer..."


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 26 Jun 1998

New stuff:

- It should now be much harder to accidentally move a widget when
  you're just trying to select or edit it -- I put a five-pixel
  threshold on, so you have to move the mouse at least five pixels
  before the widget starts to move.  Making everybody *very* happy.
  I should have done this a long time ago.

- Layer indicators on gray windows are now double clickable -- double
  click to edit that layer.  If the indicator shows that the widget is
  on more than one layer, you can still double click -- you'll be
  given a choice of layers.  Which is also a quick and easy to find
  out exactly what those layers are.  Cool eh?


- Nonfunctional "Sticky?" checkboxes on buttons fixed, making Michael

- Button redraw problem fixed (some buttons were redrawn too soon when
  smooth-viewing), making Michael happy.

- Canceling out of "Add to New Layer" no longer causes an error,
  making Lisa happy.


- "Track state of layer:" changed to "Navigation button for:", which
  is hopefully clearer.  Making a button a layer navigation button now
  also automatically makes it sticky.  (Doesn't apply to layer navigation
  buttons you've already created; you'll still have to go back and make
  those sticky manually.)

- You'll never again have to wonder what the heck a "Wolffs Rb Mixin"
  is (I hope).

- The very first window you create will now have "Show on startup?"
  turned on by default; subsequent windows have it turned off by


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 22 Jun 1998

Fixes a bug that was introduced in 10.2.0.  The bug was that sometimes
when a movie played, the contents of windows *other than* the window
the movie was in sometimes weren't up to date.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 18 Jun 1998

New features:

- You can now associate a button directly with a layer, so that:

  1) Clicking the button shows the layer
  2) If the layer is showing, the button appears pressed; if it
     is hidden, it appears unpressed, automatically!

  #2 means that in many cases you no longer need to:
  - Assign your navigation buttons to radio groups
  - Use "Pop Button" model actions to keep the pressed/unpressed
    states of navigation buttons in sync with the rest of the interface

  For historical reasons, you can only do this with two pict buttons
  and 3d text buttons.  The button for making the association is
  on the button's gray editing window (not its white editing window).

Small blessings:

- Now the guide never pops up when you're in "Design Interface" mode.

- Confusing "Make New Window" dialog redesigned; useless options removed.
  Default window type is now "Movable Dialog", and by default there
  is no close box.

- "Add to Layer" and "Add to New Layer" both now always preserve
  the existing front-to-back order of widget.  "Add to Layer" now adds
  the items in front of the layer's existing items, not in back.
  Sorry this was so frustrating before.

- Trigger editing window reorganized.  Useless "Deactivate these
  topics:" section removed.

- Annoying "You already have a  list open.  Open another,
  or select the one that exists?" dialog removed.  Yaaayyyy!!!!!
  If you really need two windows for the same type of object, 
  hold down the option key when choosing from the Objects menu.
  (Very occasionally, someone needs this in order to do clever
  tricks with drag and drop.)

- A popup menu's gray editing window now shows what layer the menu
  is on, just like all the other widget types.


- "Trick birthday candle" guide window problem fixed (if you clicked
  fast enough it was possible to dismiss a guide window and have
  it pop right back up again).  Also fixed a similar but separate
  problem where sometimes the same guide video would show twice in a

- In the interface editor, "Select All" always (?) works now --
  sometimes it didn't before.

Known bug:

- The "Send to Back", "Send to Front", and "Shuffle" buttons don't
  work for widgets on layers.  They appear to work on the screen,
  but if you hide and then show the layer, you're back where you
  started.  For now, edit the layer itself to change the order
  of its items.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 16 Jun 1998

The big news:

You can now associate a guide answer and/or a "Now what?" answer with
each window/layer.  The guide answer will be automatically be shown
the first time the user visits the layer.  The guide answer doubles as
the "Now what?" answer unless you specify a different "Now what?"
answer. "Starred" layers -- layers that do not lock out their siblings
-- cannot have guide/now-what answers.  To turn off automatic guide
video (which can be annoying when authoring), use the "Suppress Guide"
menu item on the Special menu.

Obviously this is still somewhat new and untried.  There may be timing
issues, like the guide may come up sooner than you want, or later than
you want, relative to what's going on the rest of the screen.  Let me
know if you have any difficulties and we'll work it out.

If you'd like a little tutorial session on adding guide video to your
Indie GBS, I'd be happy to oblige.

Small changes:

- In the layer controller, sublayers are no longer listed in alphabetical
  order, but in the order that you listed them in the parent layer.

- Restarting your GBS no longer closes all the twistdowns in the layer

- Edit boxes for button texts now consistently say "Button text:"
  (and not "String:" or "Text string:")

- Question lists now default to type "stacking-never-blank".


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 11 Jun 1998

Significant changes since 10.0.0:

- Bugfix: The "Send to Front/Back" and "Shuffle" buttons on gray editor
  windows now work, sort of.  At least, they don't cause errors,
  but for now they're only useful for reordering items that you don't
  have on layers yet.  I'll try to make them completely functional

- Answer descriptions now automatically have the speaker name prepended
  to them.  So now when you look at the list of all answers they're
  sorted by speaker.  Cool eh?


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 4 Jun 1998

NOTE: You can't convert your datafile from earlier versions yourself.
I have to do it for you.  Don't mail me your file, I'll convert it on
your machine.  It might take me a few hours.

I'm not going to bother building runtimes for a while, just tools,
until we're sure everything's working.

Large changes:

- New layer system.  I'll try and write up some separate documentation
  for this at some point.  In the meantime what I'd like to do is just
  teach people how to use it one-on-one, at the time that I convert
  your datafile.  Trust me, it's much easier to deal with than the old
  system (or at least it will be once all the kinks are worked out

Medium changes:

- Layer controller changes:
  * Controller is now a windoid, not a window, which means
    it always floats in front of everything.
  * The Command-0 keyboard shortcut now toggles the controller between
    shown and hidden (instead of always showing it), so it's easier to
    make it come and go as needed.
  * Controller remembers its position on the screen when you hide
    and then show it.
  * Twistdowns are now colored red only when opening the twistdown
    would enable you to see a currently showing layer.  Once you
    open the twistdown, it turns black again.  The idea is that
    this will make it easier to see at a glance what twistdowns
    you need to open to see what's going on.

- The "GBS Info" window now has a twistdown on it so you can show or
  hide all those buttons.  By default, the twistdown is closed since
  you don't really need the buttons -- you can use the Object menu.

- You can now drag from single-object slots in the object editor!
  Before, you could only drag from a sequence of objects.  (It's
  always been possible to drop on *to* a single object, but never
  before to drag *from*.)

Small changes:

- "Start GBS" now brings up the watch cursor so you know something's

- "Save as Runtime" command removed because it's not needed
  (and hasn't been for a long time).

- Load and save progress dialogs now indicate the GBS's file name.

- "GBS Info" window retitled to "Indie".


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 27 July 1998

Hopefully fixes a bug that caused a cryptic "Terminate with extreme
prejudice?" dialog box when the student tries to quit.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 21 July 1998

Fixes a bug that caused movies in video-server style answer viewers to
show through things in front of them.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 20 July 1998

Fixes the incompatibility between video-server style answer viewers
and loading/saving your game.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 15 July 1998

Fixes two bugs which were introduced in 9.4.0:

- Loading a game no longer produces an error in some cases when you
  have an answer viewer with text type "my-te-view".

- Loading a game no longer causes some movies, and/or their synchronous
  controllers, to be positioned incorrectly.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 29 Jun 1998

Saved argument summaries are still plain text files, but now have the
Microsoft Word creator code instead of the SimpleText creator code.

Also, logging was broken in 9.4.2 and is fixed in this version.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 25 Jun 1998

Fixed window-update-event-handler bug that could cause errors for


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 2 Jun 1998

Fixes bug in 9.4.0 that made it impossible to load a GBS containing a
video-to-text model action.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 2 Jun 1998

This will hopefully be the last release of Indie 9.x.  Indie 10.0 will
feature a totally revised layer scheme which I'm putting the finishing
touches on right now.

Semi-important changes since 9.3.3 include:

- Windows now respond to clicks EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT THE FRONT WINDOW.
  This fixes the annoying thing with guide windows where you used to
  have to click once to make the guide window go away, then click again
  to do something.  Now you can just totally ignore the guide window
  and click directly on any button on the main window, making the 
  Immunology team happy.

- You can now make the "Quit" menu item bring up a custom quit dialog
  instead of just instantly quitting the GBS.  So for example you can
  give the student the option of saving before quitting.  Here's how:
  Create a trigger.  For "When this event occurs", create a "Menubar
  Action Event".  For "Menu item selected", choose "quit".  You can
  then get the quit action to behave in any way that a trigger
  normally would, making Nutrition happy.  (Note that you can't test
  this without building an app -- it doesn't work in the tool.)

Minor changes:

- Several message dialogs associated with answer viewers, such as the
  one that pops up when you have answer without a speaker, are now more
  information: they tell you which object is involved, instead of just
  saying something cryptic like #[answer 387], making Lloyd and Peter

- It should be easier to work with modal windows now in the tool.
  That a GBS window is modal now doesn't prevent you from using
  windows in the tool such as the layer controller, etc.

- Windows will no longer show up in the results of the "Unused objects"
  datachecker, since it's normal for a window to be unused.

- Bug fixed where in various places in Indie, the filename of a GBS,
  movie, or picture would appear without its extension (that is,
  any part of the filename that follows a "." character).


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 28 Apr 1998


- The "Flush Evidence" model action now works even if you're using the
  "Flush results only" checkbox, making Denise happy.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 27 Apr 1998

New features:

- The dialog analyzer has always had a button labeled "Play Media"
  but it never did anything.  The button has been renamed
  "Preview Answer" and now actually works.  (If you don't know what
  the dialog analyzer is, check it out, it's on the Special menu.
  Use drag and drop to set the focus question.)  Hopefully this
  will make someone happy.


- Trying to copy an answer viewer (or other modget) in the interface
  editor no longer causes an error, making Denise happy.


- When you load your GBS, if Indie can't find the directory a host
  points to it asks you to choose a new directory.  Now, when
  you do so, it gives you the option of making the host relative
  (before you could only create a relative host by actually manually
  editing the host in the tool), making Bridget happy.

- Got rid of the "Save as runtime" menu item and button because
  they're no longer necessary now that you can build turnkey apps
  (as has been possible for many months now).  You can always
  open any GBS in the runtime.  (The purpose of the menu item
  was only to make a file that when double clicked would open
  the runtime, but no one needs this anymore now that you can
  build double-clickable apps for users.)


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 24 Apr 1998

New features:

  - By popular demand: new menu item on the Special menu, "Find
    Unused Media...", will find all picture and movie files that
    you're not actually using in your GBS and allow you to
    either move them to a new location or delete them altogether.
    Very useful when you're trying to make a CD ROM, deliver your
    GBS to users, etc.  I call it the media reaper.

Note that even if you're still using an old version of Indie you can
still use the reaper: load your GBS into the new tool, use the reaper,
and then quit without saving.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 23 Apr 1998

New features:

- "Button Action" model action (formerly known as the Toggle model
  action) now lets you specify whether you want to push the buttons,
  pop them, or actually toggle them.  This make it possible for two
  toggleable buttons to keep in sync with each other, making Denise
  and her two blue and purple "View as Text" buttons happy.

- "Flush evidence" model action now lets you specify a list of
  evidence lists to flush instead of just one, making Denise

- The watch cursor now comes up when it should much more often.  In
  fact, I'm hoping that the watch cursor behavior is now at least
  as correct as it was in 9.2.3 and perhaps even better, making
  Seth provisionally, nervously happy.


- The Flush Evidence model action now correctly updates the colors
  of flushed points if they appear in other viewers, making Denise

- Whoops, answer viewers of the my-te-view type were broken in the
  9.2.4 runtime.  Fixed.  Yikes.

- File merge bug that no one ever reported and auto-hide-when-not-
  front bug that no one ever reported fixed, making Seth happy
  in a smug, self-satisfied sort of way.


- Layer controller refreshes itself if you edit or delete a layer
  category, clearing Steve's conscience.

- More sensible layout of answer viewer editing window, making Seth
  marginally happier.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 9 Apr 1998

New features:

  - Showing answers, both movies and text, should be considerably
    faster beginning with the second time you show an answer in the
    same viewer.  Making this change required changing around a lot
    of the code that deals with answer viewers.  I've done my best
    to test the new code, but you should probably regard this 
    version as somewhat experimental and do some testing on your GBS
    to make sure that screen updates happen when you expect them to,
    cursors get changed at the right time, and so forth.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

  - When you drag something off the palette, the window you dragged
    it to comes to the front and the new item is selected, so you
    can immediately move & resize it.

  - Answer viewer editing window more sensibly organized.

  - Bug fixed where sometimes the text in an answer viewer would
    disappear and be replaced with "The horror..."


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 8 Apr 1998

New features:

- When you choose a movie or picture, you can now look at previews
  of your files as you browse through them, making everybody very
  happy, making Seth sad he didn't add this a long long time ago.

- The "flush evidence" model action is now smart enough to remove
  questions from evidence lists, even when the "flush only results"
  option is in effect.  Only those questions which have no results
  after them, only facts (or nothing), will be removed, making
  Denise happy.


- No answer viewer minimum size warnings when in Design Interface
  mode, making everybody happy.  Also now impossible to cause an
  error by making a viewer much too small, making Steve happy.

- Fixed weird bug where choosing a picture for a button caused that
  button's X and Y coordinates to be swapped, making Johannes happy.

- "Start GBS" switches into Use Interface mode even if you're in
  programmer mode, making Seth happy.

- File operations now non-interruptable, i.e., you can't continue
  using the tool while your GBS loads or saves, hopefully preventing
  a certain amount of potential shooting-oneself-in-the-foot.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 4 Apr 1998

Fixes bug that caused the every-10-minutes auto-save dialog to start
coming up every few seconds, annoying the hell out of the wolf team.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 4 Apr 1998

Fixes bug where if you specified "does-not-satisfy" instead of
"satisfy" in the NOTEBOOK portion of a rule, that setting would not be


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 2 Apr 1998

New features:

- New events that you can hang triggers off of: Check Box Checked
  and Check Box Unchecked, making Johannes happy.  Note that for
  reasons known only to God and Wolff, only two-pict and 3d-text
  buttons can be checkboxes.

- When you click the "Edit trigger" button on a widget's gray editor
  window, if there is more than one trigger for that button, you will
  be given the choice of which one to edit.  Also, the "Edit Trigger"
  button now finds "OPTION-CLICKED:", "CHECK-BOX-CHECKED:", and
  "CHECK-BOX-UNCHECKED:" events as well as normal "CLICKED:" events.

- New item on Special menu: "Suppress All Movies".  Very useful when
  you're working on your GBS and having to shut all those damn movies
  up all the time is cramping your style.  Making *everybody* happy.
  (Note that this is a tool only feature.  If you want the student to
  be able to turn movies on and off in your GBS, you need to use the
  "suppression" feature, which consists of a checkbox on answer
  viewers ("Contains suppressable speech") and a model action ("Video
  to Text").)

Tweaks & bugfixes:

  The dialogs that remind you to save your GBS have changed to be Mac
  standard, making Todd happy.  Instead of asking you "You'll lose
  unsaved changes, is that OK? (Yes/No/Cancel)", with Yes the default,
  it now asks you "Would you like to save first? (Save/Don't
  Save/Cancel)", with Save the default.  This matches MS Word and
  other Mac applications. However, it's switched around from the way
  it used to be, so BE VERY CAREFUL that you don't save when you
  didn't mean to or vice versa.  Sorry about the confusion, but the
  new way really is better, especially since it explicitly gives you a
  chance to save right then and there, instead of making you cancel
  first and then manually save.

- Flush-evidence bug fixed (we hope), making Denise happy.

- Evidence viewers were missing a black line at the top and bottom
  of their scrollbars.  These lines have been restored, making
  perfectionists happy.  You'll want to make sure they still match
  your background artwork.  Restoring the lines made it necessary to
  shrink the available display area for evidence vertically by two
  pixels, so you may need to adjust the size of your evidence viewers
  to take this into account.

- The answer preview window now automatically grows to show large
  movies.  We hope this will eliminate problems with answer previewing
  sometimes making Indie hang, making Todd happy.  If it still
  hangs let us know.

- In design mode, borderless text buttons now have a pale yellow border
  instead of the old white border.  (People were putting these buttons
  over white backgrounds, making the border invisible.)

- Resizing of pict buttons disabled.  It used to let you resize them,
  but then the change would be lost on save and reload because it's
  the picture that really determines the size of the button.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 30 Mar 1998

New features:

- The "flash on drop" checkbox on evidence viewers is now a "flash on add"
  checkbox -- it flashes whether a point gets added by dropping, or by other
  means (e.g., running a test or asking a question).

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- Text on modgets in design mode is now hopefully easier to read --
  white text on a colored background.  Hopefully we're done tweaking

- Rule editing windows are now much better laid out.

- Failed drags from the widget palette now zoom back to the palette
  so you know it failed.

- Internal change to menu items -- be on the lookout for problems editing
  menus, I can't find any problems, but we made the same change before
  and it caused problems, this time I want to fix them instead of just
  undoing the change.


From: Steve Silverstein
Date: 23 Mar 1998

New features:

- Answers now default to type text.  If you choose a movie file for the
  answer, the type automatically gets set to type movie, and likewise
  for a picture file.  So now you should almost never have to manually
  choose the type.  (Same thing for points.  Hey, did you know points
  can be pictures instead of text if you want?)

- The contents of modgets are now visible even when in "Design
  Interface" mode.  They also have more visible borders (garish,
  some might say) and the text on them is much more prominent and
  is on a solid background so you can actually read it.  Enjoy.

- Performance dramatically improved on question viewers containing
  two pict buttons.  The difference will be most noticeable off a
  CD-ROM.  Try to reduce the file size of any pictures you use on
  question buttons, in order to help performance even more.
  ***IMPORTANT***: In order to get the performance improvement, you
  need to edit every question viewer (that uses two pict buttons)
  in your GBS and change the button type from "Old, inefficient,
  deprecated two pict button" to "Two pict button".  (As a side
  effect, you'll have to rechoose your button pictures.)

- A progress dialog is now displayed when you restore a saved game,
  making Bridget happy.

- You can edit the font of the nameplate and title of an answer-viewer,
making the Flu team happy.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- When you use a "Edit current model object" button, the contents
  of the viewer now get refresh once you edit the object, so you
  can see the changes you made immediately, making Denise happy.
  Cool eh?

- When you switch to Use Interface mode, all gray editor windows
  get closed now.

- No more error if you hit the Help key by accident.  You still
  don't actually get any help though (don't be silly).

- Creating a window from a white editor window works now.

- Closing the Transmogrifiers window no longer causes an error.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 17 Mar 1998

Because of the major version number being bumped, Indie won't load
your old GBS unless you hold down the Option key while choosing
"Open..." on the File menu.  Doing this will convert your GBS to the
new version.  IMPORTANT: After converting your GBS, immediately save
it under a new name.  Keep the old file around indefinitely, just in
case.  If you have any trouble converting your GBS, or any problems
seem to have been introduced by the conversion, then please let me
know ASAP.

New features:

  - Gray editor windows for all modgets (answer viewers, question
    viewers, etc.) now have a new button on them that lets you
    edit the model object currently being displayed.  For example,
    the editor window for an answer viewer now has a button that
    lets you edit the currently showing answer.  Same for points
    in evidence viewers, questions in question viewers, you
    name it.  Cool, eh?

  - In your GBS Preferences object, you can now set a default host
    for buttons and a default host for answers -- the host you
    pick will automatically be filled in whenever you create a 
    new button or a new answer.  Cool, eh?  (May not be that useful
    if you have a jillion hosts, but...)

  - In the layer controller, the twistdown triangles turn red when
    there is a layer within the corresponding category or window.
    That way you can see which windows/categories have layers
    showing even if the twistdowns are closed, making the wolf team
    happy.  Cool, eh?  (Thank Steve for this one...)

  - By popular demand, you can now drag a widget off the palette and
    onto any window, not just the front window!  Hooray!

  - "Select All" (on the Edit menu, or type Command-A) now actually
    works in the interface editor!  Hooray!

Tweaks & bugfixes:

  - "Flush evidence" bug fixed, I think -- Denise, let Steve
    know if it's not...

  - Color swatches are now black by default -- much more useful
    than red, I assume.

  - If you drag a widget from the palette but release it over the
    palette, the widget does not "drop" onto the window behind the
    palette, meaning fewer accidental monsters.

  - Palette now better laid out.  Widget sizes when dragged off
    palette now consistently match what you see on the palette.
    Some modgets are different colors now so you may have to
    retrain your brain a little.

  - Restarting the GBS now correctly resets a few things it didn't
    before.  You probably never even noticed.

  - Now impossible, we hope, to get an error by trying to create a
    widget from a white editor window.

  - In window editor, Optional Description now has its own pane,
    so the cursor starts out in the window name field.


From: Steve Silverstein
Date: 26 Feb 1998

One bug fix:

-- Pop up menus now can be edited "normally", making Denise happy.


From: Steve Silverstein
Date: 25 Feb 1998

New features:

- You can now build hierarchical pop-up menus, making Denise happy.

- All widgets now have a checkbox in their gray editor windows
  called "Lock in place?".  Once checked, that item can no longer be
  selected or moved until you uncheck it.  You can even select groups
  of widgets on top of it by dragging, just as if it weren't there.
  Very useful for things like background pictures.  Everybody happy,
  especially Ben, Todd, and Tanneke.

- From a white editor window or class editing window, holding down the
  option key while you double click on an object makes the old window
  close before the new one opens, helping you reduce window clutter,
  making Seth happy.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- Now when you select a group of widgets by dragging out a rectangle,
  only widgets that fall entirely within the rectangle get selected,
  making Todd happy.

- "GBS Info" window gets redrawn less, making Steve happy.

- More information about memory written to logfiles (specifically,
  how much free system memory there is).


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 23 Feb 1998

New features:

- You can now get more detailed information in the "Messages" window
  about what is going with layers -- this should help you debug problems
  with your layer setup.  This feature can be turned on and off from
  the Special menu.  If there is additional layer debugging information
  that would be useful to you, let Steve know.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- You can now set the background color on your text answer viewer even
  if you're using the "scrolling-fred-view" type of display, possibly
  making someone happy, maybe Bridget (for the argument summary
  in Nutrition)?  You need to use scrolling-fred-view if you want
  styled text (bold, italics, different font sizes) in your answers.

- Copy & paste now works on picture buttons (the host slot doesn't
  get lost anymore), making Todd and Tanneke happy.

- One-answer's-worth-of-points feature on evidence viewers now saves
  correctly, making Denise happy.

- Freaky process bug that occasionally crops up for no reason now
  silently trapped and logged, making Seth happy because he was
  afraid Wolff was going to make him deal with this.

- Virtual memory status (on/off) now written to logfiles.

- "Slap monkey" is back, but concealed.

Probably only Bridget cares:

- Turnkey apps now set the mac heap size correctly, eliminating
  the excessive GCing that was happening.  If you kept jacking your
  default mac heap size up because you were getting frequent GCing in
  your app, you might want to jack it back down again now that this
  setting actually has some effect in apps you build (doh! ).

- Fixed weird rogue wandering sticking question button bug.

- Fixed disappearing argument tab bug.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 19 Feb 1998

New features since 8.27.0:

- New datachecker: "Missing PICT files and videos".  Tells you if
  any of your buttons, answers, etc. point to files that do not
  exist.  You'll want to run this on your GBS, especially if your
  name is Bridget.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- Nutrition's sticking buttons fixed.  Now no matter how fast you
  click a button while moving the mouse, you never wind up with
  unsightly stuck buttons, even if your wrist is as fast and your
  trigger finger as itchy as Mark Schaefer's.

- "Show my layer when answer shown" slot on answer viewers now saves.

- Window/layer controller is prettier (layers within categories are

- If you have more than one GBS Preferences object (as can happen
  when you merge files) you can't save your GBS until you delete
  one of them.

- Better "trapdoor" (i.e, it works now) in runtime for developers to
  get a Listener so we can troubleshoot.  (Attention Wolff, Steve,
  and Maria, the trapdoor is: show the menubar using Command-M, choose
  "About Indie..." from the Apple menu, then hold down the command and
  option keys and click the OK button.)


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 18 Feb 1998

New features:

- You can now create OPTION-CLICKED events, for making a button
  do something special when you hold down the option key when you
  click it.  Nutrition is using this to make a cheat button for

- "Add to Layer" and "Add to New Layer" are now both much more
  useful.  If you use them on widgets that are already on layers,
  it will remove them from the old layer and put them on the new one
  instead.  (And there was much rejoicing.)  Also, if you try to
  use them when you have nothing selected, you get a warning dialog
  instead of silently nothing happening.

- There is now a "Delete these points" slot on triggers, to match
  the old "Add these points" slot.  Wolff disapproves.  Flu team
  is happy.

- Experimental: you can now create categories of layers.  In the
  window/layer controller, layers in the same category appear together
  in a separate twistdown.  Hopefully this will help you keep your
  layers organized.  Steve can explain how to use this feature;
  let him know if it's useful and how it could be more useful.

- You can now create hosts that are relative to the location of the
  application, instead of referring to an absolute fixed location.
  This should make it easier to move GBS's between machines,
  especially if your name is Bridget.

Tweaks & bugfixes:

- No more annoying blinking cursors in answer views!  (And there
  was much rejoicing.)

- No longer possible, we hope, to wind up with widgets on more than
  layer by using drag and drop.

- Bug fixed where sometimes the Delete key didn't work in IFT.

- Bug fixed where sometimes the text wouldn't appear on a two
  pict button.

- Broken "Preview Answer" fixed.

- Canceling out of "Add to (New) Layer" no longer causes your
  selected widgets to become unselected, but to still appear
  selected on the screen.  This caused the Wolf team much

- If you try to use a cursor without having a resource file set,
  you get a warning (instead of an error).

- Color swatches no longer invert on click (you had to have a big
  swatch to even notice this).

- The sample two pict buttons no longer have those ugly corners on
  them -- the corners are now transparent.

- Special conditions degrade gracefully if you forget to specify
  the evidence list.

- Topic viewers less ugly looking when in design interface mode.

- Several reminders that creator codes are case sensitive added.

- Information about memory usage is now written to the logfile
  every time you run the critiquer.

- Logfiles now contain the IP address of the machine you're on,
  so we can identify the machine even if you haven't set your
  machine name in the Chooser (the "Norstad" feature).


From: Wolff Dobson
Date: 6 Feb 1998

Bug fixes:

*  If window is buried but still on the screen, showing an answer on it
brings it to the front.

*  Solved the mystery of why modal windows sometimes get thrown the back
just as they've been shown.

*  Slightly changed behavior on save dialogs so Bridget's strange brown
patches may well disappear.

*  Better error handling on missing pictures for 3d-pict-buttons.


From: Steve Silverstein
Date: 4 Feb 1998

Bug fix:
* Can edit windows and close the editor effectivey.

New feature:
* Save a-view or game give indication of what the user is saving, and these
strings are editable in the model action.


From: Steve Silverstein
Date: 4 Feb 1998

One bug fix (answers that weren't movies didn't work in 8.25.1;
ooops), no other changes.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 3 Feb 1998

Changes since 8.25.0:

* Warns if you try to close a gray editor after moving a widget off
  of the window it appears on.  This makes a lot harder to lose
  widgets, making everyone happy.

* Rewinds to the start of a movie every time you try to show it anew,
  making Bridget happy.

* Fixed bug in evidence list viewing that was causing errors, making
  Denise happy.

* Fixed bug in answer viewer auto-showing that no one had noticed yet,
  making the developers happy.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 3 Feb 1998

Changes since 8.24.1:

* One answer's worth of points on an evidence viewer now available,
  see webpages for details on use.

* Fixed "Shy Window" problem.  If you show an answer, the window that
  this answer appears on should now appear correctly, which makes
  Olivia happy.

* You can now assign the same speaker to more than one answer viewer, which
  makes Denise happy.

* New "Who Am I" mechanism.  If you assign an answer to a speaker
  (editable on that speaker), that answer shows when you click on that
  speaker's nameplate on any answer view which shows this nameplate,
  which makes everybody happy.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 28 Jan 1998

Only one change: a bug in "Fix Duplicates" has been fixed.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 28 Jan 1998

New features:

- Random monsters!


- Default memory size of tool and runtime is now larger.


- "Resume application" (double click on already running application)
  event handler -- no more Listener.

- Fix to answer titles for Bridget.

- Cancel button on font editors now works


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 28 Jan 1998


- The big news this time is that a major memory leak was found.  This
  problem affected anyone using two pict buttons (which means pretty
  much everybody), particularly two pict buttons in question viewers.
  I believe/hope that 1) this leak is fixed now, and 2) this was the
  leak that was causing Rembrandt and Nutrition so much woe.  You
  should see a performance improvement too, especially off CD-ROM.

- Some bugs involving object deletion in white editor windows were

Misc. changes:

- Three formerly rather ugly parts of Indie are now more beautiful:
  the Interface menu, the window editor, the widget palette.  Well,
  except for one part of the widget palette, which is now very ugly.

- All modgets now have clearer and more consistent descriptions.

- Default texts have been removed from buttons: they're all blank when
  you create them now.

- Two pict buttons have a better default value for the vertical text
  offset, so the text isn't jammed up at the top of the button
  anymore.  (Sorry, this only applies to new buttons, not your old

- Newly created topic viewers and question viewers will no longer
  have a one pixel border by default.

- Default font on evidence list viewers is now the same as everything
  else in Indie (it's whatever your system font is).

- The "Slap Monkey" menu item has been retired, over Wolff's protests.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 27 Jan 1998

Changes since 8.23.0:

WARNING: Be on the lookout for bugs in the references table---i.e.,
clicking Find References doesn't show all the references for a
particular object.


- Topics can be shown without clearing the ql on which they appear.
  (It's a checkbox on the trigger that raises the topic(s).)

- Rules now can not count as a critique, which are the non-stopping rules
  Rembrandt was asking for.

- Points can now be shown directly from a trigger without using

Usability improvements:

- The white editor window for windows is now much more clearly organized
  and easier to understand.


- "Deactivate all topics" checkbox on triggers now no longer editable or
  visible---you shouldn't have been using this anyhow.

- Words disappearing from answer titles fixed forever.

- Radio button bug fixed -- it used to get confused if you had different
  groups whose names began with the same initial string.

- Error handling improved on picture/memory errors (e.g. when accessing
  pictures off a flaky CD-ROM).

- Now warns you if question doesn't appear on a ql instead of giving
  error message.

- Adding followups on a different question list than the one the
  question you asked behaves correctly.

- Fixed bug in file merge -- only affects GBS's containing argument


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 22 Jan 1998

Changes since 8.22.5 (these include changes in 8.22.6, which we never
officially announced):

*  triggers on question list viewers now work properly
*  ql's default to Go Back to changed questions instead of changed answer
(only affects Stacking Never Blank ql's)
*  when showing an answer, only shows the window or layer that the
answer-view is on if that layer or window is currently hidden
*  saves view-positions of windows correctly (no more creep)
*  output for most-recently-shown screen in "Messages" window --
useful for troubleshooting
*  can show answers with both movies and text by either (editable in GBS
*  rearranged "GBS Info" window so that file-access functions are on top,
which makes Indie easier to use on small monitors (e.g. Maria's)
*  non-stopping rule editor
*  three-pict buttons memory leak plugged
*  evidence lists are now labelled "SOURCE" or "TARGET" in class editing windows
*  if the user tries to "go back" too far, it should (finally) do the right
*  constant updating of scrollable views
*  (hopefully) clearer text for checkbox of Go Back to changed questions as
opposed to changed answers
*  Some confusing menu item names, field names, etc. made less confusing
*  Some bugs in white editor windows fixed


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 18 Dec 1997

Changes since 8.22.4:

- 3d pict buttons were inverting incorrectly.  It's fixed now.

- Creating a ql-viewer containing two pict buttons was broken
  (already existing ql-viewers weren't affected).  Fixed now.

- You can now attach triggers to color swatches (not sure why
  you'd want to, though).

- There was an obscure bug, discovered by Rembrandt, that
  could cause messed up screen updating of evidence list viewers
  on smooth-viewing windows.  I think this is fixed now -- Denise,
  could you test it?

Plus a few cool changes that Joe Herman made:

- When you have an editor window open, hitting
  Option-uparrow or Option-downarrow will edit the previous/next
  item in the sequence from which you opened the editor window.
  For example, if I open the window with the list of all the answers,
  then double click on the first one, then by hitting option-downarrow
  I can look at the rest of the answers one at a time.  Cool eh?
  Try it out...

- You can now use the uparrow, downarrow, and pageup/pagedown keys
  in more places when editing objects.  Try it out, and let us 
  know if there are more places that these keys should be usable in.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 16 Dec 1997

One change only:

 - The "Reports" button now works for points.  (Sorry about that,


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 15 Dec 1997

Changes since 8.22.2:

- The "Move widgets" transmogrifier now works on all types of widgets.

- Problem with one pixel of answer titles (or was it speaker names?)
  being truncated fixed.

- Clicking on argument tabs works again.

- Fixed font editors on 2d text buttons and firmer list viewers.

- "Go back" behavior more intuitive on stacking-never-blank ql's --
  if you saw several answers from the same QL without the QL
  changing, then "go back" goes back to the first answer you saw
  (or something like that, check with Steve if you're confused).

- Palette bug fixed (I don't think users ever experienced this).


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 3 Dec 1997


  - Horrible bug fixed that was causing topic names to disappear.
    If your topic names disappeared, sorry, they are gone.  You
    will either have to revert to an old version of your file
    or re-enter them.  But they shouldn't disappear anymore.

  - Horrible bug fixed that was causing massive memory leakage,
    out of memory errors, the big blank white square, etc.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 2 Dec 1997


  - Made one more memory-saving change to picture management:
    initially unshown windows do not take up any memory (to
    speak of) until they are actually shown.

  - Disableable buttons now update themselves on-screen only
    when necessary, eliminating annoying flashing.

  - Screwy answer title word wrap bug fixed.


From: Wolff Dobson
Date: 26 Nov 1997

Many exciting changes since 8.21.0:

- Improvements to memory management for pictures:

  * When you hide a window, the memory used by the pictures
    on it is now reclaimed.
  * Performance from CD-ROM should be much improved.

  The first change should decrease your RAM requirements,
  but the second will increase them, so it's hard to say
  what the final effect will be.  Make sure your GBS
  hides windows it's not using!!

- Answer views no longer get cleared when you switch between
  Design Interface and Use Interface modes (you're welcome, Ben).

- There's now a checkbox on question lists that lets you
  choose whether Go Back rewinds according to the last question asked,
  or according to the last change in the QL.  This difference only
  shows up if you're using stacking-never-blank QL's.  Ask Steve to
  explain this to you.

- Buttons now follow Mac interface guidelines, that is to say,
  if you click on a button, hold down the mouse button, then move the
  mouse outside the boundaries of the button and release, the click
  is ignored.  (Not all modgits work just this way yet, just
  regular buttons -- I'm working on it for modgits.)

- Optional description on topics (you're welcome, Bridget).

- Go Back now preserves the scrolled position of question list


From: Wolff Dobson
Date: 14 Nov 1997


* Quicktime fix, meaning you can actually play movies now, fixing the bug
introduced in 8.20.1.

* Hotspots (i.e. 2d-text-views) are optionally inverting when clicked.

* You can make some windows hidden whenever not in front.  This is ideal
for, say, your guide windows or other dialogs that look modal, but aren't.

* You can relatively specify coordinates for your window.  Unfortunately,
you can't author this totally easily, but here's how.   Imagine you have a
base window (BW) and a small window you'd like to be positioned relative to
the BW, called the relative window (RW):

1. Put the base window at 0, 0.
2. Position your relative window where you want it.
3. Open the grey editor for the RW (choose "Edit current window" from the
Interface menu while the RW is the front window).  Look at the x,y
coordinates for it.
4. Open the white editor for the RW (you can do that by hitting the big
button on the grey window).
5. Choose the base window in the "Position this window relative to:" box.
6. Type in the x,y coordinate of the relative window as the horizontal and
vertical offset values.
7. Hit "Done."

Now, you can test to see if it worked:

8. Hide, then show the relative window, and it should appear in the same
place it just was.
9. Move the base window.
10.  Hide and show the relative window, and it should appear in the same
place it just was relative to the base window, but in a new overall place.

* = increases the volume as well as + in all contexts.

* fixed picture bug no one had found but Seth, which was introduced in 8.20.1

* Stomped out yet another use of the subversive word "firmer"

* Size of file-name views on grey editor made more narrow so that you can
read the names of your pictures without having to guess.


Q.  Gee, Komissar Wolff, why should I specify my pop-ups to be hidden when
they're not in front?

A.  Because, comrade, it will save memory in the long run, plus you won't
see the window for just a second if the student hits CMD-Q.  This small
surgery will free up more memory for the rest of the data.

Q.  I hear this whole relative-window thing was built just to make my life
harder.  Why should I use it?

A.  Oh, comrade, you are in error with the dialectic!  Relative window
positioning is there so, if you ever show your application on a monitor
whose resolution that is not the same size

Q.  You're so right, Komissar.  Let me be the first to glory the new regime
of 8.21.0, may it be in use 'till Macs are obsolete.

A.  Macs will never be obsolete.  Take this naysayer out and shoot him.


From: Wolff Dobson
Date: 5 Nov 1997

* Go back extensions---you can set the picture to show (or model actino to
call) when you've reached the "top" of the go-back stack.  Helpful if you
have some default picture for some ASK system.

* You can now set answer viewers to not bounce forward when showing an
answer; helpful to make some Show-Most Recently Shown stuff work.

* Quicktime fix---should reduce quicktime bugs, but please report any QT

* Several minor bugs that no one noticed removed.


From: Seth Tisue
Date: 10 Nov 1997

Changes since 8.20.0:

- You can throw out your "Indie-files" folder.

- Brand new: topic viewers!  Drag it off the interface palette,
  associate it with a QL, and presto, it displays the name of
  last topic activated that affected that QL.  Works great for
  subzoomer headers.  Attention Nutrition.

- Evidence list viewers now scroll correctly when smooth-viewing --
  no more garbage on-screen.  They also scroll less obtrusively,
  which may or may not be a good thing (it doesn't call your attention
  to the point having been added as much as it used to).

- "Go Back" now does the right thing (whatever that is) when topics
  get activated and deactivated.

- Wolff fixed the disappearing buttons bug (again, after
  I reintroduced it).

- There's now a secret way to get a Listener in turnkey images: show
  the menubar, bring up the about box, and then hold down the Command and
  Option keys and click the OK button.