Triggers are fired by events. You can use triggers to show and hide layers and windows, show answers, activate topics, and perform model actions.

One-Time Triggers

One-time triggers fire exactly once per time you've called "Start GBS". You could use them for guide video or introductions to screens, or annoying remediation you'd like only to see once.

Next Triggers

Next-triggers are triggers that are run after the current trigger fires, so if Trigger A has Trigger B in its next-trigger slot, Trigger B will fire any time Trigger A fires, no matter what event is listed in Trigger B.

If Trigger A is a one-time trigger and Trigger B is an every-time trigger, Trigger A will fire once but trigger B will fire any time Trigger A might have fired, whether A fired at all! This is to facilitate above-mentioned guide-video, since guides should happen the first time you click on this button, but you might want some standard video to play every time you enter a screen (like, say, video of your fumarole rumbling).

Last modified 1/27/98 ST