There are two kinds of preferences available to users. Only one is implemented.

Preferences objects are created by default when you start a new GBS. Preferences files are reparsed every time you call "Start GBS", so if the program doesn't seem to be recognizing your Preferences changes, restart the GBS.

GBS Preferences

These are preferences used for the GBS itself:

Resource file

Choosing a resource file to use is just like choosing any other file; choose host and the file.

In the GBS, resource files are kept open as little as possible. If they get stuck open (i.e. ResEdit claims the file is currently in use), go to the Messages window and type (close-rsrc-file) and press return. If you see a t, that means you just closed the resource file and you're all set.

Resource files need to have either no extension or the extension ".rsrc" (lower case).

To edit your gbs-preferences, go to the "Objects" menu, and choose "GBS Preferences", then double click on the preferences object in the window that appears.

Scenario Order

For multi-scenario GBSs that flow the student in some predefined order through scenarios, you need to someplace specify that order. Here, you can do that. Just drag in or select the scenarios in this list, and then call "Start GBS" to reset the scenario counter.

This order is accessed by the Go To Next Scenario model action.

If you call "go to next scenario" and you've run out of scenarios, you'll get a dialog telling you as such. If you'd like to have some sort of wrap-up, make a wrap-up-scenario upon whose choosing you start the wrap-up phase.

Last updated 1/27/98 ST