Go to next scenario model action

There are two basic models for INDIE multi-scenario projects: let the user choose a scenario off a list at the beginning, or start with scenario 1, then go to scenario 2, then go to scenario 3, etc.

For the former, at the end of each scenario, you just loop back to the beginning to choose a new scenario, a la Sickle Cell.

In the later case, you need some way to go to the next scenario based on your current scenario. Sure, you could do that with a test, but we decided to make it explicit.

So, there is a model action Go To Next Scenario. Any time a trigger does this model action, it updates the current scenario and then returns an event, :scenario-chosen event so that you can write triggers in response to it, such as the cutaway and introduction to the next scenario.

To set the order of scenarios:
  1. Edit the preferences.
  2. Put the scenarios in the order you'd like them to be done in.
  3. Close the preferences editor.
To see this actually working, you need to use the "Start GBS" menu item.

Every time you call "Start GBS", either with the menu item or with some trigger, the scenario pointer starts over, pointing to a null scenario, NOT THE FIRST SCENARIO ON THE LIST.

Last modified 4/10/97 WD.