How to put a widget on a layer

  1. Make sure the window or layer that you want to put the button is visible on the screen. You can use the "Window/Layer Controller" to do this. (CMD-0 is a shortcut.)
  2. Drag the widget or modget that you want off of the palette and onto the window you want (or the window that contains the layer you want).
  3. You may want to edit the widget and give it a name to make it easier to identify.
  4. Edit the layer you want to add the widget to. One of the fields in the editor window will be the list of widgets for that screen. Click "Find/Add" to add the new widget to the list.
  5. Really clever people will notice that you can hit CMD-\ or CMD-] to add a widget to a layer (depending on whether you want to add it to an existing layer or a new layer).

How to make a button that switches layers

  1. Make a button by dragging it off the palette and onto a window.
  2. Edit the trigger for the button.
  3. Where it says "show the most recently shown of these screens", link in the layer you want. The "most recently shown" part only applies if you list more than one screen. If you list more than one screen, not all of them will be shown, only the most recently shown one!

Last modified 1/27/98 ST