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C99 and REU Projects - Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project ideas

I would be happy to talk to you about your ideas. Here are some that I am thinking about currently.

  • Characterization of medical imaging data for scheduling purposes
  • Enhanced GUI for Minet
  • Enhanced GUI for RPS
  • Enhanced Socket module for Minet
  • RTP module for Minet
  • Minet-related testing, debugging, and porting
  • Instrumentation of Windows applications
  • Instrumentation of Games
  • Current Students and Their Projects

  • Jeff Kwiat, Analysis of PACS medical imaging data
  • Andrew Weinrich, Web interface for URGIS
  • John Cihocki, Web interface for RPS
  • Brian Cornell, Versioned filesystem
  • Luka Spoljaric, Intrusion detection
  • Rachel Goldsborough, Fine-grain instrumentation of doom
  • Past Students and Their Projects

  • Jack Lange, Minet-related testing, debugging, and porting
  • Luka Spoljaric, /proc Counter Monitoring Tools
  • Jeff Kwiat, Post-mortem log display tool for Minet
  • Brian Cornell, Jack Lange, Diffusion for Linux
  • Hisham Zaid, Department computer resource data collection
  • Aja Nichols, Sam Benediktson, Jim Trieu, Continued Virtualized Audio development
  • Ryan Battista, PAPERS network debugging
  • Jack Lange, Windows GUI for RPS
  • Matt Lineen, Minet API port to TCP and multicast, Minet Windows port
  • Leon Zhao, Technical Report System
  • Sam Benediktson, Jim Trieu, John Lange, Ryan Battista, Construction of a PAPERS network for the Prescience Lab's cluster
  • Raymond Wang, Automated Financial Portfolio Construction
  • Jason Jenkins, Analysis of NWU IT Trace Data
  • Jason Moy, Minet Port to Windows and IP Multicast Support
  • David Zhao: Graphical interface for Minet (my user-level TCP/IP stack) (first quarter pdf)
  • Budyanto Himawan: IP Module with routing support for Minet (first quarter doc)
  • Ricky Chen, Minet: ICMP module (first quarter pdf)
  • Curtis Barrett, Mixing Microscopic Traffic Flow Analysis with Mesoscopic Cell Transmission Models (doc)
  • Matt Zielinksi: Relational databases for Grid information services (first quarter doc, second quarter doc)
  • Brandon O'Bryant, Java-based graphical interface to RPS (second quarter doc)
  • Tolu Abiona: Kerberos and Zephyr for the CS Department (doc)
  • Jason Jenkins: OpenAFS server for the CS Department
  • Brad Jorsch: Instrumentation of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  • Curtis Barrett, Virtualized Spatial Audio Simulation and Filterning (pdf) the first Virtualized Audio implementation

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