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Under Construction

  I like teaching (maybe I got it from my dad, and the rigors of teaching my kid sisters), and designed and taught an introductory Internet curriculum at the UPTRON Academy of Computer Learning, besides lecturing my research group at IIT on development of object-oriented simulation environments; and believe that it is one of the most profound and noble things. I love to read (fiction, philosophy, classics), argue, cook (now that I find that I can cook well - I think I can chop onions better than anyone (Update: I can make better Sambhar than most people who did it all their life, and to my slow realization, I am a gifted cook)). Favorite writers: Samuel Beckett, Kurt Vonnegut, John Barth, Joseph Heller, D. H. Lawrence.

And if you have come this far, you might be interested in reading a blog that the trio of Mike Knop, Jason Skicewicz and me write, albeit quite unfrequently, Undefended Theses.