Academic publications related to the class


Comparative evaluation of various MFCC implementations on the speaker verification task
The Cepstrum: A Guide to Processing
Comparison of Parametric Representations for. Monosyllabic Word Recognition in Continuously Spoken Sentences


To catch a chorus: using chroma-based representations for audiothumbnailing
Mathematical Representation of Joint Time-Chroma Distributions

How The MP3 Works

A Tutorial on MPEG/Audio Compression

Copyright and the Law

Copyright on Catfish Row: Musical Borrowing, Porgy and Bess, and Unfair Use
Is Apple Playing Fair? Navigating the iPod FairPlay DRM Controversy
From J.C. Bach to Hip Hop: Musical Borrowing, Copyright and Cultural Context

Audio Source Separation

Separating repeating from non-repeating: REPET: A Simple Method for Music/Voice Separation
Separating by spatial location: The DUET Blind Source Separation Algorithm
Separating by pitch tracking:Resolving overlapping harmonics for monaural musical sound separation using pitch and common amplitude modulation
Separation of Music signals by harmonic structure modeling

Pitch Tracking

YIN, a fundamental frequency estimator for speech and music.
Accurate Short-Term Analysis of the Fundamental Frequency and the Harmonics-to-Noise Ratio of a Sampled Sound
Techniques for Automatic Music Transcription

Melody Recognition

Name That Tune: A Pilot Study in Finding a Melody From a Sung Query
Crowdsourcing A Real-World On-Line Query By Humming System
A Comparative Evaluation of Search Techniques for Query-by-Humming

Audio Fingerprinting

A Highly Robust Audio Fingerprinting System
An Industrial-Strength Audio Search Algorithm
An Audio Fingerprinting System for Live Version Identification

Self-programming Synthesizers

SynthAssist: Querying an Audio Synthesizer by Vocal Imitation

Crowdsourced Music Production Tools

SocialReverb: crowdsourcing a reverberation descriptor map
Weighting-Function-Based Rapid Mapping of Descriptors to Audio Processing Parameters

Papers on topics not discussed in class

Beat and Tempo Tracking

Music Meter and Tempo Tracking from Raw Polyphonic Audio
Tempo Tracking with a Single Oscillator
MIREX 2006 Audio Beat Tracking Evaluation: BeatRoot

Genre Classification

Automatic Genre Classification Using Large High-Level Musical Feature Sets
Automatic Musical Genre Classification Of Audio Signals
The State of the Art Ten Years After a State of the Art: Future Research in Music Information Retrieval

Chord Labeling

Algorithms for Chordal Analysis

Automatic Music Video

MusicStory: a Personalized Music Video Creator

Automatic Record Review

Automatic Record Reviews

Human Perception of Sound

Recovering sound sources from embedded repetition
Sound texture perception via statistics of the auditory periphery: Evidence from sound synthesis