Course Policies


Grading is straightforward. You can earn up to 110 points. You will be graded on a basis of 100 points. There is no curve. Since you can earn 110 points, this is equivalent to getting 10% extra credit. Alternately, this means you can not hand in any one assignment and still have the ability to earn 100 points. Grades will be assigned as follows:
93-110: A
90-92: A-
87-89: B+
83-86: B
80-82: B-
77-79: C+
73-76: C
70-72: C-
67-79: D+
63-76: D
00-72: F-

Submitting Work

Each assignment must be handed in electronically ON CANVAS. We are not responsible for homework submitted in any other way (including email and hardcopy).

Late Submissions

Homeworks are due by the due date on Canvas. Late assignments will be penalized at the rate of 1% per hour (rounded to the nearest hour). For example, if your assignment is 7 hours and 15 minutes late, we'd give you 93% of the points.

Programming languages

This quarter, we will be using Python 2.7.

Attendance and Lateness

Attendance is not taken. Lateness is a disruption to the class. Do your best not to be late. Late assignments will not be graded.

Academic Dishonesty

Do your own work. Academic dishonesty will be dealt with as laid out in the student handbook.