[CS399 Computer Science Independent Study Progress Page]
Week 1 (1/5/04 - 1/9/04): Set up workstation and installed software.
Week 2 (1/12/04 - 1/16/04): Learned basic navigation, modelling, animation, and rendering tools. Created simple humanoid with skeleton and animated walk cycle. [view anim]
Week 3 (1/19/04 - 1/23/04): Created web site, Texture mapped last week's animated walk cycle. Downloaded model database and rendered a few. [view anim]
Week 4 (1/26/04 - 1/30/04): Learned about finding errors in models and fixing them- mesh reduction, merging vertexes and edges, etc. Learned to use hard-body physics engine and particle effects.
Week 5 (2/2/04 - 2/6/04): Reading about shaders.
Week 6 (2/9/04 - 2/13/04): Set up and documented a rough implementation of a warm-cool shader in Maya. Instructions here.
Contact: n-matsuda@northwestern.edu