"Winning is not everything.. It is the ONLY thing!"
- Vince Lombardi
(American football player, coach and executive, led Green Bay Packers to three straight and five in total NFL championships in seven years . 1913-1970)

Champion (1st) amongst 65 participants from 22 public and private universities in 3rd CFICC (Citi Financial IT Case Competition) as one of the 4 members of the ‘BUET-Spondon’ team. We developed an innovative business software Automated Online Queue Management System (AOQMS). We studied data from different service oriented institutions and conducted profound research regarding queue management. We then proposed a novel product to solve different problems relating to queue management and developed a demo version of our proposed system. I was the main software developer and system designer of the team. I also contributed in building up several business ideas of AOQM. CIBL Tcl bought the right to implement AOQM as a real-world enterprise solution. Till now, they have successfully implemented E-QMS for Robi Axiata, a renamed and similar version of AOQMS.

Description: I was the primary software developer to implement demo of our proposed idea - Automated Online Queue Management System. We provided 3 basic services to the user:
  1. User will be able to book advanced token for a particular time-slot (30 minutes) before 2 days if token is available.
  2. Users may view current queue status of any branches of the organization. We have implemented live queue status updating as well.
  3. Predicting queue condition of future days. Based on this prediction, we can suggest users time-slots which will be less crowded.

This system has following benefits:

  • A user can schedule his plan accordingly to complete his work related to the organization as quickly as possible.
  • Load balancing through all branches of the organization.
  • Convenient for users which will increase good-will of the organization.
  • Efficient automated queue management system with options for manual flexibility if necessary.