When I'm not in front of my computer you can often find me playing games of all sorts, or playing my saxophone, I am also try to read more (recreationally).


For a while I was taking GO very seriously, however, I haven't played much recently, it is hard to find others interested in the game. For a while I was playing a lot of chess with my roommate, but that's kind of faded. Germans seem to make very good board games. Some current favorites include: The Settlers of Catan, Tigres and Euphrates, and Puerto Rico.

My current game collection includes (in no apparent order):


I own a Yamaha WX5 with the corresponding VL70-m tone generator, which I am very excited about. I haven't picked up my horn in years, but I'm trying to get my jazz skills back up to par. It's slow moving but I would really like to get back to where I could play with a small combo in a coffee shop a couple times a year (like I was able to in college).

Food and Drink

I greatly enjoy cooking right now, and am slowly building up my skills and equipment. I recently received a Wusthoff Grand Prix 8" chef knife for Christmas, that I'm particularly happy to have.

I've also taken a wine tasting class, which has me excited/interested in the subject. I'm also become interested in beers. I hope to have some more pages up on my interests and thoughts on those subjects soon.

Skills for the heck of it

In addition to the hobbies listed above, just for the heck of it, I have also received training in the following skills: unfortunately I really don't have many opportunities to practice any of them.

About this website

You can find a request for help, and some commentary about the "style" of this web site, in my page about this website.