EECS 328: Numerical Methods for Engineers
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University

Spring 2009

Weekly Problem Set #8

Due Time:

The written problems should be turned in on paper at the start of class on Friday, 6/5/2009.

The programming assignments should be deposited in the Blackboard Digital Dropbox before the class on Friday, 6/5/2009.

Written Problems:

  1. (12.5 points) Exercise 9.1 on page 416.
  2. (12.5 points) Exercise 9.4 on page 417.
  3. (12.5 points) Exercise 9.5 on page 417. Also compute the solution values y2 and y3 for t2 = 2 and t3 = 3.
  4. (12.5 points) Find a predictor for the ODE y' = f(t, y) of the form yk+1 = w0yk+w1y'k+w2yk-1+w3yk-2. Use the method of undetermined coefficients to determine the coefficients w0, w1, w2, and w3 by forcing the predictor to be exact for the first four monomials, 1, t, t2, and t3.

Programming Assignments: Write your programs in Matlab. Turn in both the programs and the outputs. Organize the outputs neatly and comment them.

  1. (25 points) Computer Problem 9.1(a) on page 418. 
  2. (25 points) Computer Problem 9.2 on page 418.