CS 395/495 Intermediate Computer Graphics
 Topics and Schedule


We cover a new topic every week, beginning with a survey by the instructor, followed by class discussions and student presentations of assigned readings.  


--Winter 2004 Schedule--
2005 version coming soon!


Weekly Topics:

Student Tasks

Week 1 of 10: Tu/Th Jan 6/8 

Introduction & Overview:

Tues:  Tumblin:   Intro, Administrivia;
               SIGGRAPH Videos

Thurs: Tumblin:
Quick Tour of Course Topics. 
              (week1 Intro)



Presentation  Topic Preferences (1st, 2nd, 3rd) due Monday, Jan 12

to ankit[at]cs.northwestern.edu 

Week 2 of 10: Tu/Th Jan 13/15

2D Image Mappings

Resampling: what IS a pixel?
2D: compositing, warps, texture synthesis, tone mapping
3D: texture map, bump map, displacement map

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs: Jonathan Han: Texture Maps (talk)

Required Reading:

  • Watt: Ch. 8 (pp.223-262) 

Want more? see:

 Watt: Ch. 14.1-14.8

"Texture synthesis on surfaces" Greg Turk, SIGGRAPH 01.

"Lapped textures" Praun et al.,  SIGGRAPH 00.

"Deep shadow maps" Tom Lokovic and Eric Veach, 

Week 3 of 10: Tu/Th Jan 20/22

Non-photorealistic Rendering (NPR)

Ink, pencil, watercolor, oil, artistic style, video...

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs:  Billy Davidson: Depiction (talk)

Project Proposals Due 9AM   Monday, Jan 19.

e-mail to ankit[at]cs.northwestern.edu

Required Reading: 

Want more? see:

"Escherization" Craig Kaplan et al., SIGGRAPH 00.

"Digital facial engraving" Victor Ostromoukhov, SIGGRAPH 99.

Craig Reynold's NPR site

U of Utah NPR site... (Gooch came from here)

more... (Brown site

Week 4 of 10: Tue/Thu Jan 27/29 

Modeling I: Parametrics and Implicits


Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs: Tom Ouyang: Implicits (talk)

Required Reading: 

Want more? see:

"Curves and Surfaces for CAGD: A Practical Guide" G. Farin 2001 & earlier 

SIAM activity Group on Geometric Design, etc.

Week 5 of 10: Tue/Thu Feb 3/5 

Modeling II: Mesh Subdivision & Simplification

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs:  Zachary Schneirov (talk)


Required Reading: 

Want more? see:

"Modeling with Implicit Surfaces that Interpolate" Turk,OBrien 2002

"A Real-Time Cloud Modeling, Rendering, and Animation System" Schopok et al., Eurographics SCA2003

"Level-Set Methods and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces" Osher, Fedkiw '02

"Level of Detail for 3D Graphics" Luebke,Reddy,Cohen, Varshney, Watson,Huebner, 2002


Week 6 of 10: Tue/Thu Feb 10/12 


Global illumination and Light Transport

BRDFs, radiosity, Monte Carlo Methods, photon mapping, subsurface scattering...

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  
              Donald Fong(talk)

Thurs: Brian Chen (talk)

Project Progress Reports Due 9AM   Monday, Feb 9.

e-mail to ankit[at]cs.northwestern.edu

Required Reading: 

  • Chapter 2, from book
    'Advanced Global Illumination'  Dutre', Bekaert, Bala(2003) (HANDOUTS: go to Rm 350)

  • Watt, Chapter 11 
    'The Radiosity Method'

Want more? see:

Watt: Chs. 7; 10

"Reflection-space image-based rendering" Cabral et al., SIGGRAPH 99.  


Week 7 of 10: Tue/Thu Feb 17/19

Physical Animations:

Water, Smoke and Fire,

Cloth & Fracture..


Spring/Mass Systems, Implicit Integration
Poisson Solvers, Level Sets Basics,


Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs: Brian Cornell

Required Reading:

Want more? see:


Jos Stam "Stable Fluids",


"Graphical Modeling and Animation of Brittle Fracture" James OBrien, Jessica Hodgins


Lin's Lecture Notes

Deep Shadow Maps, ...

Week 8 of 10: Tue/Thu Feb 24/26 

Light Fields and 
Image-Based Modeling and Rendering (IBMR)

light field capture, 8D reflectance, visual hulls

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs: Sangwon Lee 
            Jonathan Sorg

Required Reading:

Want more? see:

Watt: Chs. 9; 16.5  


Watt: Ch. 16

"Image-Based Visual Hulls" Matusik et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page, presentation)

"The lumigraph" Steven Gortler et al., SIGGRAPH 96.

"Environment matting and compositing" Douglas Zongker et al.,  SIGGRAPH 99.

Week 9 of 10: Tue/Thu Mar 2/4

Point-based Modeling and Rendering

volume rendering, splats, surfels, point clouds, ...

Tues:   Tumblin: Overview (talk)  

Thurs:  Nathan Cantelmo 
             David Feng

Required Reading:

Want more? see:

"The Digital Michelangelo Project: 3D Scanning of Large Statues" Marc  Levoy et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page)  

Week 10 of 10: Tue/Thu Mar 9/11

Demos, Grading, and Conclusions

Project demos: evaluated by the class.

Project Web-pages, Project Source Code due Monday, Mar 8, Mar 13.

e-mail to ankit[at]cs.northwestern.edu

More Topics To Explore: --You may choose projects in these areas too!

--Tone-mapping and Perception (Tumblin's specialty)
--Image-Based Rendering (caching, visibility schemes)
--Human Facial Modeling, Animation, Recognition
--Human Figure Movement and Animation 
--Motion-Capture and Object Tracking
--Real Physics: Collision Detection, Fluid Dynamics, Light Refraction, Dispersion & Fluorescence
--Haptics and Real-Time Deformable Objects
--Human-Computer Interface for Graphics Tasks ('Teddy', Marks' Design-Space etc.)
--Libraries, Languages for Graphics, Shading and More

(Java3D,openGL, DirectX, Cg, Sh, OpenInventor, OpenSceneGraph, (this too), FLTK, ...