How To Submit Your Project Assignments
CS395/495(26)  Image Based Modeling and Rendering

Northwestern University Spring 2003  Jack Tumblin

1) Let's all use VisualC++ 6.0 and MFC for projects, and make sure all your source files are in a single directory tree.  Any libraries and header files that are not a part of the VC++6 should also be put in your directory tree.  You may use any filenames you wish for your work, but be very careful about naming the ZIP file you send me: see 5) below.

2) Make sure ALL of your source files contain a comment block at the top that contains at least:
     -- "Created <date> by <your name, e-mail address>  project#, 
    -- A brief description of the file contents/ purpose/ reasoning.
    -- 'Spring 2003, Northwestern University, Computer Science 
    -- '395/495-26 Image Based Modeling and Rendering - Instructor: Jack Tumblin' 

   -- And try to maintain the illusion that you always write clean, readable, thoughtfully-commented code ;-), at least in this class.

3) Write a README.TXT file and put it in your project's root directory.  This file should contain:

    -- "Created <date> by <your name, e-mail address>  project#,
    -- 'Spring 2003, Northwestern University, Computer Science 
    --'395/495-26 Image Based Modeling and Rendering' 
    -- Instructions on how to use the program;
    --Any notes you may want to add about extra features you added, or what parts are done/not done.

4) Check one last time to make sure your project compiles and runs.  Make an single WinZip compressed file that holds your whole project, complete with the directory tree, using relative addressing.  Set the filename of this file carefully...

5)Zip file name.  You many use any project names or filenames you wish in your project, however, the name of the ZIP file you send me is very important: it must begin with the prefix listed below.  For example, if student George P. Burdell completed project B, he would send me a zip file named

6) Send the zip file by e-mail, twice, with a subject line that begins 'IBMR Project'
    -- Once to   (Jack Tumblin)
    -- Once to (Abhinav Dayal)

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