Topics and Schedule
 CS 395 - Advanced Computer Graphics


Here is the list of the topics we will cover in class.  We begin discussion of topics with a 45 minute introductory lecture by the prof.  Remaining class time in the week will be taken up with in-depth student presentations on the week's topic.  Readings available only to ACM Digital library subscribers are in italics.


Weekly Topics:

Matching Readings

Thu/Tue Jan 10/15 -- Overview:
Profs Tumblin (talk) & Watson (talk)

All we know about advanced graphics in 90 minutes!  Hold onto your hats... then calm down with some vids.


Thu-Thu Jan 17-24 -- Shape representation:
Prof. Watson (talk; demos 1, 2; images)

Volumes, implicit surfaces, parametric surfaces, point based models...

Jan 22: Zadeh, Joseph (paper)
Jan 24: Ortony, Alison (paper)

Watt: Chs. 2.2-2.4; 3.1-3.5; 4; 13.1-13.3

"Adaptively sampled distance fields: a general representation of shape for computer graphics" Frisken et al., SIGGRAPH 00.

"Surface splatting" Zwicker et al., SIGGRAPH 01.  (project page)

Thu-Tue Jan 17-29 -- Image space techniques:
Prof. Tumblin (talk; paper)

Anti-aliasing, compositing, image morphing...

Jan 22: Hazen, Daniel (poly tex maps, demo)
Jan 24: Hetler, Justin (env matting, clip 1,2,3)
Jan 29: Anon, Joshua (paper)

Watt: Ch. 14

"Polynomial texture maps" Tom Malzbender et al., SIGGRAPH 01.

"Environment matting and compositing" Douglas Zongker et al.,  SIGGRAPH 99.

Tue/Thu Jan 29/31 - Surface mappings:
Prof. Watson (talk; pictures)

Procedural textures, bump/displacement maps...

Jan 31: Cousens, Jeffrey (paper)
Jan 31: Setlur, Vidya (lapped textures)

Watt: Ch. 8

"Texture synthesis on surfaces" Greg Turk, SIGGRAPH 01.

"Lapped textures" Praun et al.,  SIGGRAPH 00.

Tue/Thu Feb 5/7 - Global illumination & light transport:
Prof. Tumblin (talk)

BRDFs, radiosity, photon mapping, subsurface scattering...

Due dates:
Feb 5 - project proposal, or
Feb 5 - reference list for survey paper 

Feb 5: Paris, Joseph (instant radiosity)
Feb 7: Dunne, Jared (paper, videos)
Feb 7: Halstead, Daniel

Watt: Chs. 7; 10

"Reflection-space image-based rendering" Cabral et al., SIGGRAPH 99.

"Instant radiosity" Alexander Keller, SIGGRAPH 97.  (home page)

Tue/Thu Feb 12/14 - Shape manipulation:
Prof. Watson (talk, 1, 2, 3)

Simplification, morphing, comparison, fitting...

Feb 14: Cihocki, John (paper)

Watt: Ch. 2.5

"Shape transformation using variational implicit functions" Turk et al., SIGGRAPH 99.

"Topology matching for fully automatic similarity estimation of 3D shapes" Hilaga et al., SIGGRAPH 01.

Tue/Thu Feb 19/21 - Light fields and Approximations:
Prof. Tumblin (talk)

Visibility culling, shadow maps, lumigraphs...

Due date:
Feb 19: survey paper for grads

Feb 19: Lechner, Thomas (deep shadow maps)
Feb 21: Albrecht-Buehler Conrad (lumigraph, pic)
Feb 21: Meherally, Amyn (paper)

Watt: Chs. 9; 16.5

"The lumigraph" Steven Gortler et al., SIGGRAPH 96.

"Deep shadow maps" Tom Lokovic and Eric Veach, 

Tue/Thu Feb 26/28 - Non-photorealism:
Prof. Watson (talk, pictures, example)

Ink, pencil, watercolor, oil, artistic style...

Feb 26: Shabib, Mustafa (paper)
Feb 28: Flury, Marc
Feb 28: Du Val, Ryan (paper)


"Escherization" Craig Kaplan et al., SIGGRAPH 00.

"Digital facial engraving" Victor Ostromoukhov, SIGGRAPH 99.


Tue/Thu Mar 5/7 - Model acquisition:
Prof. Tumblin (talk)

Image based modeling & rendering, light field capture, motion capture, 3D scans...

Mar 5: Saltzman, Phillip (paper, video)
Mar 7: Dayal, Abhinav (dig mich)
Mar 7: Brooks, Michelle

Watt: Ch. 16

"The Digital Michelangelo Project: 3D Scanning of Large Statues" Marc  Levoy et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page)

"Image-Based Visual Hulls" Matusik et al., SIGGRAPH 00.  (project page, presentation)

Tue/Thu Mar 12/14 - Demos, Odds & Ends:
Prof. Tumblin

Project demos, makeup presentations, survey papers due Thursday...