2003 Winter Qtr Course? 
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CS 395
Advanced Computer Graphics

Professor Jack Tumblin
Professor Ben Watson

Winter 2002:
TT 11-12:30
CS Classroom

tel: +1 847 467 2129 (Tumblin)
tel: +1 847 491 3710 (Watson)
fax: +1 847 491 5258
email: watsonb@cs.nwu.edu
email: jet@cs.northwestern.edu

Course Description

In this seminar course, students will read, present and discuss advanced graphics techniques.  Students may also implement one or more of these techniques in programming assignments.  Students may implement these techniques individually, or in groups.


Important Dates
March 19 Tue:
all written reports due

March 21 Thu:
all projects demo'd by day's end



How the course works

Topic schedule
Topics and references