Thankful in Tokyo

November 2006

DSC02521 DSC02522 DSC02524

EAJ - that's Mt. Fuji in the background!


DSC02535 DSC02533 DSC02537




First schwag!!



 DSC02557 DSC02553 DSC02556

50 foot Wiimen!!






 DSC02562  DSC02564  DSC02565

Katsu for lunch - the sesame seeds were so fragrant.

For dessert, I had a vinegar ice - it was surprisingly delicious!



 DSC02567  DSC02568  DSC02569



DSC02572 DSC02571  DSC02573

Is everything cooler in Japan? Just about!



 DSC02575  DSC02574  DSC02592



DSC02599  DSC02657 DSC02664




Mmm, dinner in the basket restaurant, Shinjuku.



DSC02687 DSC02688 DSC02689



DSC02690 DSC02692 DSC02691



DSC02694 DSC02693 DSC02698

Tofu salad with savory dressing, seasonal pumpkin, and pickled greens.



DSC02704 DSC02700 DSC02706

Raw whale (!!!), Chu-toro, and the jaw of a tuna.



DSC02711 DSC02712 DSC02713

On the left and right,  Fugu (the posion puffer fish).



DSC02715 DSC02716 DSC02717

Ice cream, green tea tiramisu, traditional jelly desserts and puddings were also served. Mmm.





Love is hope, and hope is everything.

 That is the lesson I learned in my travels this month.



DSC02726 DSC02727 DSC02731



DSC02734 DSC02743 DSC02739

Morning with raisin-cheese and maple breads.



DSC02749  DSC02790 DSC02789

A thrift fair - something I had never seen in Tokyo!



DSC02791 DSC02795 DSC02796



DSC02797 DSC02798 DSC02799

Sparkly department store lures!



 DSC02801  DSC02810 DSC02806






DSC02814 DSC02815 DSC02816

If you flip through these quickly, you can see the eye spinning.



 DSC02817  DSC02819  DSC02825



DSC02826 DSC02822 DSC02842

I, pirate!