September, 2004

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We arrive... then check bags at the train station (they still have lockers over there).



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First order of business: cheap, tasty sushi.



DSC03142 DSC03143 DSC03150

Then, toys.



DSC03153 DSC03152 DSC03155

We see lots of great stuff, including a huge Nyanko Burger plush.

After some nagging, Doug buys the giant plush. Go Doug!




Punkers like Toy Story, too!



DSC03160 DSC03158 DSC03159
To stay awake, we needed to eat again (skewers)!



DSC03165 DSC03167 DSC03170

Then: a turn through the stalls, after which we head to the hotel.




There is a pachinko parlor right near us... people in it, day and night. Er... person?



DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03181

Lots going in and around the Shibyua Station



DSC03184 DSC03185 DSC03188

Even the alleyways make me smile!



DSC03387 DSC03388 DSC03389

Justin prepares his feet for TGS, while AM commuters rush to work.



DSC03396 DSC03391 DSC03394



DSC03398 DSC03399 DSC03397

Breakfast at the Cerulean is delicious and calming after the hustle of the street.



DSC03549 DSC03550

Post show, at the Prince hotel bar, Justin says he feels like a chicken salesman.



DSC03546 DSC03548 DSC03547

We all feel a bit exhausted.




After a quick stop at the IGDA gathering, we hop on the train!



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DSC03560 DSC03557 DSC03565
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Dinner is delicious and the conversation is great. We laugh (and drink) a lot.



DSC03563 DSC03559 DSC03562
 Justin fearlessly translates for me AND snaps some portraits! Multitalented!



DSC03570 DSC03571 DSC03569
 We run into Jane - I ask them to "act casual" for some photos. Doug acts, Jane giggles!!



DSC03833 DSC03835 DSC03836

Shop windows and signs in the neighborhood where we ate post show, day 2. Interesting!



DSC03837 DSC03831 DSC03838

So was the nouveau cafe we bailed on after (yet more) skewers. $15 for an espresso!!



DSC03189 DSC03191 DSC03192

The next day: fashion deathmarch. After two days of TGS, it really hurt!



DSC03195 DSC03197 DSC03196

People offer dog adoptions - just outside another toy store! Good marketing plan!



DSC03202 DSC03206

The gutters remind me of Mushroom Kingdom characters.



DSC03209 DSC03208 DSC03210

Doesn't the K guy look like he's got a boner?



DSC03256 DSC03219 DSC03213

Weather was hot and rainy - slippery (fell and hit my tailbone - ouch!!)



DSC03216 DSC03217 DSC03214

Anti-smoking messaging - very very grim.



DSC03220 DSC03221 DSC03222

Street art was inspiring... tagging, creative.



DSC03201 DSC03223 DSC03224


DSC03226 DSC03225 DSC03227

A sock-component store. I bought some "ankles" to wear as bracelets.



DSC03232 DSC03231 DSC03228

Buy LV at the drug store, clean your own public toilet, rock out on the corner - your choice.



DSC03236 DSC03239 DSC03240

Shibyua kidz, hanging out late.



DSC03241 DSC03243 DSC03246

... still hangin.



DSC03252 DSC03249 DSC03253



Tiny tie-dye showcase at Tokyu Hands!



DSC03260 DSC03259 DSC03261

Children's programming: interesting, kinda scary.  No matter what the country of origin.



DSC03263 DSC03264 DSC03265



DSC03269 DSC03267 DSC03268

Bathroom technology at our hotel.

The giant tub included faucet that turned flush to the wall (so you don't bump into it!) creating a nice handle in the process. Other amenities included a full stand-up shower with traditional shower stoop and bucket located just next to the bath, with a mirror so you can shave (or examine your ramen-filled pot belly!). The room's ventilation grates whispered softly as the trains passed through the station. It was a great sound to fall asleep to.



Sabine was peeved when I got home - but new friends seemed to make up for my absence.