Tokyo Game Show: Industry Day

September 2004


 DSC03402 DSC03403 DSC03400

 The best way to learn about your game is to watch someone play it!


DSC03409 DSC03405 DSC03410

 The PSP stand was really something.



DSC03416 DSC03418 DSC03419

 Girls carried the device, chained to their belts.


DSC03421 DSC03420 DSC03422

 The marketing is solid: cross-cultural and hip. Oh right - it's Sony.


 DSC03426 DSC03425 DSC03427

 The eye toy games looked... like more eye toy games.


 DSC03434  DSC03435 DSC03431

 Wanda + Colossus looked dream-ish, like Ico. People seemed psyched by the clips.


 DSC03440 DSC03438 DSC03441

 Cowboys and 80's looks ruled the booth babe scene. The stormtroopers were a bit short.


DSC03443  DSC03447  DSC03444

 Tantra - the RPG. Now that is genius!


DSC03449 DSC03450 DSC03457

 Square held court with cocobos. Crowds were huge on the second (public) day.


DSC03458 DSC03460 DSC03463

 The Sega booth was a huge yawn. MS had Halo 2 and ... racing with surround headgear.


DSC03464 DSC03465  DSC03470

 DOA body pillows in stock, along with plenty of people for Justin to interview.


DSC03469 DSC03471 DSC03466

 There is no carpet at this show. By lunchtime, sore feet give way to sore bums.


DSC03474 DSC03475 DSC03497

 On the industry day, the crowd was mostly male.



DSC03479 DSC03478 DSC03480

 Journalists snapped plenty of photos, but booth attendants seemed bored.


DSC03483  DSC03484 DSC03482

Bandai (surprise!) rocked giant robots.


DSC03486 DSC03487 DSC03488

Capcom's yellow rings were... glowy.



DSC03495 DSC03485 DSC03496

 Alan was thrilled by the plush animals and RPG titles. Ok, that's a lie.


 DSC03500 DSC03499 DSC03501

I, however, was mesmerized by this disturbingly accomplished player.



DSC03502  DSC03506 DSC03526

Generally, music and racing titles were tepid.


 DSC03514 DSC03512 DSC03515

 Generally, I was exhausted.


DSC03516 DSC03517 DSC03509

 The Habbo Hotel booth was a good place to recover energy and enthusiasm.


DSC03522 DSC03521 DSC03519

 Outside was also nice. What it lacked in carpet, it made up for in cigarette butts.


 DSC03529  DSC03527 DSC03528

 If you peeked under the rim of the center picture, you saw the tableaux on the right.


DSC03532  DSC03536  DSC03533

Justin in some purloined glasses (the girl was cute).


 DSC03538 DSC03537 DSC03539

 Game Science at work. On the right, a soccer/mini-golf combo.


 DSC03542 DSC03541  DSC03544

 Mark found a great puzzle game as well. I wonder if G4 will report on his skillz?