Tiny's Second Thanksgiving
Oakland - November 2004


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Tiny has the coolest clothes and brightest smile of any girl I know.


DSC03985 DSC03986 DSC03988

In her tiny trench coat - she investigated a mystery...


DSC03989 DSC03992 DSC03993

...struggled to overcome physical barriers...



...and emerged victorious!


 DSC03995 DSC03996  DSC03997

Victory: sweeter when shared!


 DSC04000  DSC04001 DSC04002

Studying potential Katamari? Coincidence? I think not!


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 DSC04010 DSC04008 DSC04009

Still a bit grabby - only now, she talks to herself while examining things.


 DSC04011  DSC04012  DSC04013

Delights in manipulating larger and larger objects!


 DSC04014 DSC04017 DSC04018
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DSC04025  DSC04027  DSC04030

While eating her pizza - she leaned close to the plate, whispering "Pizzaahhhhh".


DSC04032 DSC04035 DSC04036

She's almost Gollum-like when eating.


DSC04038  DSC04044  DSC04039




DSC04047 DSC04048  DSC04050

Soooo cute!


DSC04053 DSC04051 DSC04054

Soooo sleepy - time for a nap!



Sadly - nap was not happeningl. Charles to the rescue!


 DSC04056  DSC04057  DSC04058
 DSC04060  DSC04059  DSC04077

Fried turkey - this year, almost unremarkably easy!


 DSC04061  DSC04063  DSC04064

Peppers came from the garden, beans and figs from the farmer's market!


 DSC04067  DSC04074 DSC04068

I made the sweet potatoes, Lulu prepared the Harlem-style cranberry sauce...


 DSC04066 DSC04069 DSC04075

Sheba's contribution: fresh apple pie, and fractal vegetable matter. Gorgeous!


 DSC04079  DSC04078 DSC04080
 DSC04085  DSC04091  DSC04092

Austin schooled the table on his studies, complete with trademark humor.


DSC04090  DSC04098  DSC04100

After dinner - Sheba's new sculptures. Later - Ricochet Robot





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Thanks to Jen, Checker and Tiny for yet another wonderful visit!