Thanksgiving in SF
November, 2007

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 Thanksgiving Finery


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 Our contribution: three first-time salads:

Fennel & Orange, Roasted Corn & Pepper, and Bartlett Pear with Gargonzola.

The pears were spectacular - organic, from Bell's in Noe Valley.


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 Ross made a ham, and we had a vegetarian tart as well...


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 Lulu made a delicious Goose. So succulant!



 I also brought a Sage-infused cows milk cheese from England, raw Goat Gouda, and Morbier a la France.


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Mario was also a big draw...


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 I love the way people dive into home-prepared holiday feasts.

There is something so festive about the act of choosing and discussing the food as you lay out a plate.


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 And of course, the follow through when it includes veggies!


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 Lulu working her magic


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 A lovely room for a feast - with the city lights and fireplace blazing.


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 The chocolate cake (Ross, again) was fantastic.


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 Ross having some firelight fun...


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And what would be thanksgiving without another feast to follow.

Sauterne = Heaven in a Bottle.

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 Plumb pudding = my new favorite thing!!