Lazy Sunday
SF: July, 2004



 Dim Sum at Yank Sing - Tasty!

Total. Fucking. Carnage. DSC02677 DSC02679
DSC02685 Jee and her new beau, Dan. Cute *and* nice. Go Jee! DSC02682



  Tour of chez Lulu!

DSC02688 DSC02689 DSC02690
The trunk of the tree in front of Lulu's house - a crazy furry palm. DSC02693 The house was built by the owner for his wife. They are divorced now, I guess. It has a lot of great quirks.



DSC02695 DSC02713 One of the crazy Eucalyptus trees.
DSC02698 Creepers in the tree in full bloom. DSC02696




 You can see here the strange combination of contours inside the house. It's wacky!  DSC02701  These columns are now lights - no idea if there was a plan to put some floor here at some point. So odd.
 DSC02703  DSC02704  DSC02707
 DSC02708  The view from Lulu's windows is beautiful and inspiring.  DSC02710



DSC02718 DSC02722 Great plants are the key to a great place!
DSC02717 Skylight? Check! Loft? Check! Crazy built-in ladder? Check! DSC02721
DSC02720 DSC02719 DSC02716



  This is where I would hang out if I were Lulu. Constantly.