SF and LA
June 2004

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While cruising around Japantown with Lulu, I ran into Matt "Boots" Harput - owner of Harput's fine Fillmore sneaker shop. These vintage kicks were marred in some kind of bizarre sewage accident - Harput had been stashing them in the basement since the late 80's. A goldmine in sneakers, now unfit to wear. Legal action is underway - special sneaker experts have been called in to testify.

Check out the snake-skin Lottos and skyline Adidas!



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Driving in SF freaks me out. Shortly after taking these photos of a mega incline, I ran a red light. I was pulled over by a handsome cop, who kindly let me go with a warning. I only wish I'd asked to take his picture! Other treats: plum bubble tea and a bouncy new longboard, an IKEA-matched bicycle at the East Palo Alto branch, and backyard wrasslin with Insane Clown Posse in Menlo Park.



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A ticket change led to a layover in LA, which turned into a day-long adventure and impromptu bbq/party at Justin's temporary digs. His roomie has all sorts of toys, and the place is beautiful.

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A chance to hang with Joyce and her lovely sidekick Salami - and to meet some of Justin's LA pals.

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Salami was very interested in the steak - which we grilled until the propane ran out, eventually broiling. All those discs are garlic - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



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I flew home on the red eye - hands still smelling of garlic and lavender. Wonderful times, indeed!