redmoon theater halloween parade
october 1999

like many of the redmoon theater's performances, the parade took place in logan square, a neighborhood on chicago's west side. people of all ages came to experience the theater's giant trademark puppets and masked players. flames lit up the night sky and skeleton drummers roamed the street. the sound of drums and music blended with the noise of the crowd and passing cars.

at the entry station, there were many monuments to the dead - shrines and sculptures - often lit from within. here, participants were given a map and some simple instructions: write the name of a person you wish to mourn on the paper inside, trade that paper for an object at one of the stations on the parade route, and then "bury" this object during the spectacle at the parade's end.

at this parade, i celebrated the memory of mike martin, a friend who took his own life in the spring of 1998.

the parade