San Franciscy: July, 2004


Do people read this stuff and think what I think? Do they fall for the fearmongering? South of the city it's beautiful all the time. Here's what SF looks like from just south of "the barrier clouds". Heh. DSC02742

Yet another visit to Ramen Club!

DSC02747 DSC02745 DSC02748




My brilliant co-author and co-conspirator, Robert Zubek! Doug's bike - in the "box room". DSC02765

San Jose, Menlo Park, SF - three views



 Lulu patiently holds the door while I snap photos of the SF streets near Jee's house.  DSC02773 Jee's place is great, a perfect balance of functional and colorful - just like her!

Jee's fabulous cooking, Lulu's fabulous company.

DSC02771 DSC02772  Mmm. Looking at these photos makes me hungry!!!







DSC02778 DSC02784 DSC02783




DSC02787  This crepe place is always packed. I am going to get one next time I visit. They smell so delicious. DSC02788


 How much is the doggie in the window? Afro Ken - We LOVE you!! DSC02793 More kittens in food. The burger ones disturb me most.

Kinokuniya Building, Japantown


 DSC02800 DSC02803 Winner, best illustration on a flyer. Is it "Hard Office Love"?



 DSC02804  DSC02805  DSC02808

Later, ramen at Iroha



 DSC02817  DSC02815 DSC02818

Followed by a visit to True Sake - mmm.