Union Square - June 2003


linus wears some tight jeans confused lady Hogwarts, NYC
... or a sacraficial pit for the angry volcano gods? crazy bag lady who was shouting at cars - nice scarf, tho... the gayest man in union square
DSC00116 digging for change DSC00117
a Hogwarts fourth year... clearly practicing her charms for invisibility ... or perhaps conjuring another frappuccino?
ok i think these speak for themselves... DSC00128 DSC00130
DSC00131 DSC00132 DSC00133
except maybe this one which I think says so much more... DSC00134 DSC00135
a talkative dog walker introduced  her neurotic charge. "that's $5000 worth of dog therapy, right there. poor dog." clearly, it's done wonders for the chew toy.
kids. being cool. DSC00150 DSC00149
DSC00151 DSC00154 DSC00153
these two sucked face the entire time i was on the square. it was kind of frightening. finally, i took this picture to prove to myself that they could breath independently. DSC00159 DSC00172
DSC00164 DSC00165 DSC00166
look - it's the strokes.... and they're...  hacking the sak! starving zombies attack joggers for chinese food? this guy won the bonus prize.
check out coolster in orange, pretending to ignore the brunette. ahhh, young love.  so awkward you can almost still taste it. DSC00186 DSC00187
a very frisky, very happy couple DSC00180 DSC00181
DSC00182 DSC00183 DSC00184
a very french, very snotty couple DSC00199 DSC00201
DSC00192 DSC00193 DSC00194
oh man can she see my boner? shit - shit - shit yeah, i could use that kleenex right about now...